Do You Have a Haunting Song?

When I was a child, I lived in Germany, and I learned to speak German, English and Danish almost at the same time.

…This means something like: “All my little dolls, Emmy and Mary, are still sleeping in their little beds, until tomorrow morning.”

Can Words Change Your Life?

I only worked four days a week (took the fifth off to start writing), but I was really bored at work, and I didn’t like to spend all that time in the train getting there, putting my kids to kindergarden etc. … There and then I decided that I wouldn’t want to spend my life just waiting for it to be over, always rushing towards Friday, only enjoying three days a week.

Instant Articles – Seven Secrets to Create an Article in Minutes

We all know that articles distributed to article databases like ezinearticles or my own are one the best ways to get traffic to our site.

…Some of the best article templates I’ve seen are made by Jeff Herring – go and get them here: – you will never again suffer from writer’s blog with those article templates.

Traffic – Why You Need Article Kitty

In the same way, you can let yourself be inspired by so-called private label rights or public domain material, but the very best is <strong>always</strong> writing content yourself.

…When I’m on an article directory looking for inspiration for my business, don’t you think I would notice if you had EXACTLY what I was looking for on the subject of good budgetting principles or how to improve your spreadsheet capabilities in Excel?

Contests On Your Blog

Du kan tiltrække kommentarer og læsere på mange måder.John Chow bruger ofte konkurrencer – selv om han faktisk altid får enormt mange kommentarer til sine blogindlæg, sandsynligvis pga. hans meget specielle personlighed, som man sikkert enten hader eller elsker.Hvis du kun har to læsere, kan det ikke betale sig – medmindre du kan tiltrække trafikken andre steder fra.

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