Instant Articles – Seven Secrets to Create an Article in Minutes

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We all know that articles distributed to article directories like ezinearticles or my own are one the best ways to get traffic to our site. Problem is that it could be a time consuming project to write all of the articles necessary to bring in the targeted traffic. I’ll tell you about my 7 best ways to produce articles in minutes.

1. Write in three steps

In the intro paragraph you write about what you’ll put in the article.

In the article you write your main stuff.

In the conclusion you summon up what you just wrote.

2. Rewrite another article

Get yourself a stack of PLR articles, and rewrite them. All the research work has been done for you, so this should not take you long.

3. Cheat – get another person to write for you

Yeah, I know, this is cheating, but it will only take you minutes. You write the keywords and the subjects, and ask another to write the article. You can reward your writer with money, or links to his/her site or a free product.

4. If you have it all in your head – just write

In some cases you will have the whole article in your head. Just jot it down as fast as you can. Edit it afterwards, and if necessary rewrite parts of it. I often find that these kind of articles are my best.

5. Find a video, and write a summery

Go to YouTube or another video site and search for your subject. Find a fitting video, and take notes while you’re watching it. Afterwards you can just write your article based on your notes.

6. Use article writing software

You jot in the keywords, and the software finds phrases about your subject and puts them together for you to edit and rewrite. So easy. You don’t even have to know anything about your subject beforehand. In my opinion, this one is the best:

7. Use Article Templates

Using article templates will spare you much time. It’s so easy to find the headline and just fill in the text in the right places. Some of the best article templates I’ve seen are made by Jeff Herring – go and get them here: – you will never again suffer from writer’s blog with those article templates.

Of course, you can also use the articles on a blog. This will also bring you a lot of traffic to your main site.

Now you have my seven secrets to easily write articles fast. You only need to take action and wait for the traffic to come.

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