Can Words Change Your Life?

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If I said four words to you, could they change your life?

Maybe, but most likely not. But words certainly are able to change lives. I know, because it was four simple words that changed my life, and I’ve never looked back since.

Do you want to know which words they were?

Listening right now to…

When I go down in my cellar to do the ironing, I always put on my iPod, so I can enjoy the work and learn at the same time. Right now I’m listening to “Six Days to Saturday” (I’ll come back to that later in a review), and this is what inspired me to write this blog post.

The author of “Six Days to Saturday” had his life changed by four words as well. His little daughter at three asked him “Dad, is tomorrow Saturday?“, because she only saw her father on Saturdays. The rest of the week he was either working or thinking about work. So he decided to make everyday a Saturday by quitting his job and doing something completely different.

Waiting for my life to be over

For me it happened one Monday morning. I only worked four days a week (took the fifth off to start writing), but I was really bored at work, and I didn’t like to spend all that time in the train getting there, putting my kids to kindergarden etc. But I wasn’t really aware that something was awefully wrong, before that Monday morning, where I woke up, and my first thought was: “I wish it were Friday!“.

There and then I decided that I wouldn’t want to spend my life just waiting for it to be over, always rushing towards Friday, only enjoying three days a week. Soon after I quit my job and started as a freelancer, which let to writing books and articles and having the life, I wanted.

I have never looked back since.

Which words can change your life?

5 thoughts on “Can Words Change Your Life?”

  1. Hello,

    We noticed you have written articles for others and do videos, etc for promotional products. What kind of services do you offer? How much do you charge for your services monthly, hourly, weekly, etc.

    Thank You,


    1. Hi Abraham

      Thanks for your comment.

      Yes, it’s true that I also write articles for others, in Danish and in English, and my husband even translates some of them into French. I write about poker, backgammon, world of warcraft, cats, iPhone, and many other subjects.

      As for the videoes, we have only done those for our own purposes. But they really have a great impact.

      I will contact you directly by email to learn more about what services you are looking for precisely.


  2. Stefan Zeulner

    My four words are
    “Jesus died for me”
    He can change the world into a better place and he has just begun.

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