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People ask me, if I accept guest blogging – and yes, I do, but not just anything.

Before you waste your time (or mine) I suggest you read this brilliant post about guest blogging: How I Became the Freddy Krueger of Blogging

When you’re aware of what could be expected of you, I would be happy to review your article. You can send the article to this address (brittmalka.guest AT gmail DOT com) as a notepad attachment in plain text, and I will review it and get back with you within 7-10 days to let you know if it’s been accepted. Tell me the URL of your blog so I can see your writing style. You can do that before you send the article to save yourself some time.

Please use the following guidelines to augment your chances of having your blog post accepted:

  • Use proper English spelling and grammar. Proofread your text by running it through WhiteSmoke or Grammarly.
  • The text must be unique content and I must hold exclusive reprint rights to the it.
  • The length of the blog post should be between 300 – 1200 words. You can have shorter or longer, though, if you have good reason for it.
  • The content must be of use for the readers of this blog. I don’t accept affiliate links or links to your own sites inside the blog post.
  • You can, however, link to your own site or blog in a short author bio box. Make a space between your blog content and your bio box in the text file, so I know which is which.

Now I sound like a real boss, don’t I? 😉

2 thoughts on “Guest Blogging”

  1. Hi Britt – we have communicated on fb. We write blogs on digital marketing in general. So I were to publish a blog on this site, how should I submit to you for review?

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