Are You Making Money From YouTube

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Books are written about making spreading your own movies like wildfire through services like YouTube and Google Video and thereby selling tons, or GigaBytes, of products, and getting billions of visitors on your homepage.

This is not the subject for this posting. Have you ever considered making money from YouTube and Google Video, without recording the slightest milimeter of movie?

These video services offers a great opportunity for you: You can put the videos on your own site or blog, totally free and without having to consider copyrights or other issues (as long as the movie is not illegally uploaded to the services, that is).

The video services have made the player for you as well as the code, you put in the HTML code on your site. Nothing could be easier than copying and pasting it.

And so what? you might think.

So, just that you might have a good reason for people to visit your site.

Make sure that the video is relevant for your site/blog. Write an introduction and make a good headline. It cannot be easier to get content on your site, content that people will be interested in watching.

Be critical, when you choose the movies. You should just take care of two things:

  • That the movie is relevant for the subject of your site.
  • That the quality of the movie is all right. Remember, you are responsable in recommending it.

Would you like to see an example of such a use of video? Take a look on my Danish blog about I.T., Internet and stuff: The Internet Has Crashed

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