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Article Kitty - free articlesIn this article you will learn some of the benefits of using the free article directory Article Kitty. Many marketers overlook the benefit of activating some of their content online. Here's a suggestion to show you what I mean.

Content on Your Hard Drive

No matter what you no doubt have valuable content on your harddrive. Maybe an article you wrote some time back, a reader by-line or some other type of beneficial article material. It's just waiting on your hard drive, and not serving you in any way. You can activate your content by releasing it as an article on Article Kitty thereby giving you backlink to your own site.

The Benefits of Backlinks

“What are the benefits of backlinks?” you may be wondering. Well, search engines “walk” all over the internet trying to find links and building overviews of who links to what and from where. When good article directories link back to you, it benefits your own pagerank. The Danish version of Article Kitty, called “Artikelpuljen” has a pagerank of 2 and growing. The more content is put up the better the pagerank. So in many ways all of you can benefit your own article potential by releasing what might otherwise just be resting material.

Original Content

It goes without saying that original content — content you have either written or edited yourself — works much better than copying material. In the same way, you can let yourself be inspired by so-called private label rights or public domain material, but the very best is always writing content yourself. That way you KNOW it's original.

Article Kitty can help your business, and it's free. Look at it as free webhosting for your article material. You don't have to think of traffic or how much space it takes. All of that is FREE when you use an article directory such as Article Kitty. You have everything to win, and nothing to lose by using this service.

But much more important than backlinks and pageranks, you actually enhance the chances of people getting to know your writing style. Think of it this way. When I'm on an article directory looking for inspiration for my business, don't you think I would notice if you had EXACTLY what I was looking for on the subject of good budgetting principles or how to improve your spreadsheet capabilities in Excel? All of that is called “organic” traffic, and it's far more valuable than any type of automatic search engine rankings. It can literally mean business for you when people discover your talents.

Be productive. Put Article Kitty to work, and begin releasing materials to improve your business potential.

This article was written per request by Henrik Blunck to inspire you to use Article Kitty by mentioning what motivated him to use our services.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: I no longer own the domain – I recommend using Ezine Articles or other article directories to gain targetted traffic to your site.

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