Keyword Search – Should You Use ‘Broad’, ‘Exact’ or ‘Phrase’?

When you’re doing keyword research for your niche, you’ve probably noticed that the Google AdWords keyword tool gives you three possibilities: Broad Exact Phrase Which one of those will give you the best impression of the number of monthly searches?

…Again, if you’re searching for keyword inspiration, and you’ve chosen money making ideas , the result next to [money making ideas] reflects the number of searches per month for those words in that order and no other words.

How To Write Articles Faster

I haven’t used this all my life, because for many years (10 actually) I worked in a supermarket, and the only typing I did was on the cash register. … This could be a disadvantage, now, for me to have learned that, because with computer technology, it’s easy to go back and correct errors later.

How to Find Great Headlines for Your Landing Pages

Even if you have the most interesting page in the world, if you don’t attract people’s attention with a striking headline, nobody will ever read it. … This is how he does, exactly: Head on over (or send your underpaid staffer on over) to the local big book store and start grabbing all the magazines on the rack that have to do with your niche and may overlap slightly.

Yelling at Ezine Articles

The rest of us must be happy about the ” liquor – laced , banana eating monkey they must be using to review articles (no offense if this description matches any actual human beings working at or for Ezine @ rticles . … The problem is that if you write to them to tell them about their mistake , you have to wait a long time to get an answer , and sometimes the answer is just as stupid as the first one you got from them .

Do You Copy and Paste?

A loot of the books I’ve written were aimed at absolute beginners, and my friends had fun telling me that I wrote them using copy and paste. … What I do then is to read two or three articles about the subject, and then I write my own article based on the informations I found in the others.

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