You Cannot Make Money Online

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I’m sorry, but that’ s how it is.

Neither because the Web closed down all trading and marketing, nor because the market is saturated. Neither because your niche doesn’t work, but simply because according to statistics, you cannot make money online.

We are only very few that can, and we were born that way. A few days old, we raised from the craddle and made the first dollar online. Since then, millions have poured in, without ever needing to do harder work than to dry our mouths, if a few drops of champagne were spilled on our lips.

Or what? Overstatement? Caricature? Or is there something about it?

Recently, the terrific Internet marketing guy, Marlon Sanders, set up a competition about one of his products.

The competition wasn’t very demanding. You had to make four information videos and send the link before a specific date.

Marlon Sanders has been a leading source on the Internet since 1996. He is unique in many areas, and I will mention only three of them:

1) He doesn’t wear a watch, 2) His ebooks from several years ago are still valid and will stay so, and 3) He has the courage to tell people that it takes work to make money online.

So it is obvious that Marlon Sanders has many people on his email list, and many readers of his blog.

For those reason, I figured that the competition would be hard. I was in the middle of a larger project myself, but chose to participate even though, if only to get the experience and to conquer some blockades I had when it came to creating videos, especially in English.

We were TWO person who had taken action!


My contribute actually arrived a day too late, because I had chosen to test Camtasia for Mac at the same time (brilliant product, by the way), and I had some minor problems with it, because I didn’t know it well enough. The winner had almost been chosen beforehand among the single participant, I read from the comments on the blog.

This other person did in fact win, and I wrote in a comment that I felt that I had won too, because the price I got was that I took action, I had conquered myself, and I did actually create a product. So I thanked Marlon for creating this competition.

The comment earned me the first price, too. Very generous of Marlon Sanders, and this is just to show you, what a fine person he is.

Point is that we were only two out of thousands who took action.

Sometimes I gain nothing from my actions, except experience. Other times, I make a few dollars or euros, and then again… at least I tried. Other times again, I really hit big, but sometimes it takes years, which was the case with a Danish site with tips and tricks to the computer and Internet. This site pays the rent for our big, new house, and most of our expenses.

So it is almost impossible to make money online, because it would take that:

1. you took action,

2. you were persistant,

3. you were willing to make mistakes,

4. you were willing to make mistakes over and over again.

Most people don’t act, because if they do, they risk making a mistake or a big faillure, and they are not willing to risk that.

The few people who take action are not persistent, so if one project fails, they ask for a refund from Clickbank, and buy a new product, a new dream.

Very few people are willing to fail and especially not to do it several times.

I would dare to state that if you take action, if you are persistent, if you dare to make mistakes and to do it again and again, you cannot avoid having success. But yes, very few have the guts, the strengh and the will to do so.

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