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This is a paid review – which doesn't mean that I'll just sheepishly tell nice things about the forum.

First of all, the people behind the UK finance forum ask us not to write that it's a sponsored or paid review: “PLEASE avoid stating sponsored or paid review if possible.” Well, this isn't possible, as ReviewMe states in their first review guidelines:

“1. You must disclose that the post is a paid post in some way. Here are some ideas: “Sponsored Post:”, “The following is a paid review:” “Advertisement:”.”

I think it's important in order to maintain the integrity of the blogger, that it is disclosed whenever a review is being paid for.

That being said – now for the review. Could you use this forum?

Finance Marets
While the forum isn't new, the looks of it is, and my first impression is: Oh! They've got a lot of typing errors!

You'll see words like “andand”, “insruance”, and it turns out that they are the only ones, but as they are above the fold, it's one of the first impressions the visitor gets.

The overall looks are nice, though, and it's easy to find your way around it.

There are forums for both Finance, Investing and General, and the user interface is neat. You get a good overview of what each group contains. You can also at first glance see, how many threads there are in each forum.

You can watch threads with an RSS feed, which makes it very easy for you.

Also, if you want to quote certain posts, each post has its own perma link. Nice touch. Permalink for each post

Google AdSense are nicely integrated, and although several people think that you cannot make money with AdSense on a forum – if YOU will give it a try, look at this design for inspiration.

Some of the subjects for discussion are very relevant for people like you and me – who want to make money on the Internet. Others are only relevant for people investing in stocks etc. And although the forum is situated in England, there seems to be discussions also about American banks and other “foreign” banks.

This could be an interesting forum to join: UK finance forum

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