AdSense Gave Him a Car

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Sponsored Post: Reality Wired is, according to the publisher, a blog featuring his miscellaneous ramblings, reviews, gadgets, and tips on Adsense, blogging and making money online. Is it worth reading? Let’s have a look at it.

At first, I thought: “Oh, another one of these make-money-on-the-internet” blogs made by someone who fairly makes an income (almost like myself 😉 ), but the blog has fine qualities.

Some of the posts are too long for my taste, but that’s a problem I have with concentration. ADD. I read the long posts anyway, and they were filled with good pieces of advice.

James blogs about various subjects from “What is RSS”, over the best ways to put AdSense on a specific forum to showing us his new car. Bought for a large part with AdSense money.

James' New Toyota Tundra
James’ new Toyota Tundra

I loved that idea! At the moment, my AdSense money pays our rent (we live in a 350 square meter house with a huge garden), but wouldn’t it be more fun to have something more concrete? Like a car? I think so.

My conclusion is that Reality Wired is worth reading, if you are a beginner in the world of making money online. You can mesure yourself against him. You can learn from his experience. And you can rejoice with him, when his pages reaches the necessairy number of visitors, so he can join a new money-making site. If you have a forum, you can definitely profit from his advice in his series about this subject.

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