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Few things in life are free, and even fewer Internet marketers give away information for free. Super Affiliate Zac Johnson is one of the rare few.

Zac Johnson's blog
I’ve been following Zac’s blog for a while, perhaps after having read a review of his blog? Anyway. Now it’s my turn to make a paid review of Zac’s blog called Make Money with Super Affiliate Zac Johnson.

First of all it’s a pleasure to visit Zac blog. It’s nicely designet, has clean looks, no ads, only affiliate links. Zac states that he’s writing the blog to help me, the reader, making money. And then a funny thing. He write (and I quote): “Though referral urls may be used, all posts on this blog are from my experience and NONE are paid sponsorships.” But on the right side column there’s an ad saying: “Get reviewed by this blog for $50”. Well, I think I know what Zac means though 😉 He will write nice things about a product, without meaning it, just because he’s being paid to make the review.

Two things you will notice at once, when you visit Zac’s blog, is the caricature of Zac, wearing a crown and holding a bunch of money in his hand, and the huge RSS icon for subscribing to his feed. Is this icon for the online man what a car is for the offline man? I mean – you’ve got to have a huge car, if you have a small … well, small … something. Nah, don’t think so. For me, it’s just a sign of a person that’s not covering under old fashioned conventions. This is somebody who dares! I want a huge icon too, but mine should be pink! And as for the logo, I like it. You can tell that Zac has invested effort into it, and it’s personal. It also shows a man that’s not taking himself overly serious.

As for the content, Zac has posting regularly in the few month the blog has been alive. You can read about different affiliate programs, Zac and his girlfriend, other make-money-programs, good and bad reviews (worth considering, if you want a review done someday) etc. I could do without the other money making programs, though. I would prefer that Zac stuck to the subject and wrote more about how to make money from affiliate programs. Zac has briefly mentioned having payed well over 1 mio. dollars to his own affiliates, and I cannot wait to learn more about this: How does he do it? I mean, I can understand that you can earn 30-70 percent selling someone else’s products, but how can he make money paying others for selling the affiliate products for him? Please reveil this soon, Zac 🙂

If you want to subscribe to Zac’s blog, you get full RSS feeds. This is nice. I hate it when I’m forced to click on a feed in order to read the whole post.

Well, I wasn’t new to Zac Johnson’s blog about affiliate marketing, before I started this preview, and I will surely continue to be a loyal subscriber to it. Looking forward to more great info from him.

2 thoughts on “Learn From a True Super Affiliate”

  1. Thanks for the review, appreciate it. None of the posts on the site are paid for. I only write on what I work with and believe you can make money with. The “Review Me” for $50 is new, but I should reword the top section of the site to make it easier for all to understand.

  2. My pleasure 🙂 I guess, most people will understand, but you’re right. Why not make avoid any mistakes?

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