7 figure launch? B.S.

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Yes, sure it can be done.

We all know gurus who do those HUGE launches and make seven figures or more.

It sounds great, right?

No, not to me, actually.

Because do you know what it takes to do a launch like that?

A lot of work and planning for months. That’s what it takes.

You have to hire all kinds of people, like JV managers, webmasters, graphic guys, copywriters…

And then you have to create a big product. Hours and hours of video. PDF transcripts. Upsells and downsells galore.

You have find a bunch of affiliates – at least seven BIG affiliates. And then all the smaller ones.

Of course, the JV manager you hired takes care of most of that work, but you have to pay him. And a lot of affiliates will still contact you, use your time.

Time, that you also need for everything else.

So while you’re working on your 7-figure-product, you won’t have time to do affiliate marketing or anything else that will bring in money.

If you’re lucky and your product is a success, it might be worth it.

Then you can do a few big launches yearly, and relax afterwards, because you’ll be exhausted.

But in that case, you already know what it takes. Because if that’s so, then you’re one of the gurus.

For the rest of us, I have a better solution.

Sean Mize got an idea. He’s tested the formula for you, and he’s sharing it in his updated WSO Master report for 2016.

I bought WSO master in 2014. I bought his update as well, because I want his latest discoveries.

You get both his 2014 report that was a life-changer for many people and his updates for 2016 for one small fee.

Grab it here, and forget about the 7 figure much-demanding launches
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