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Have you ever heard about a complicated system that worked?

I have.


Many years ago, a friend of mine told me that she once was a student of a witch school. (That might not be the correct term, but I hope you understand.)

She told me that while she was there, a man needed a cure for an illness.

The witch teacher sent him out to catch 100 mosquitoes.

My friend pulled her aside and asked, "Is that really necessary?"

And the sorcerer replied, "No, but if it’s too simple, he won’t believe it will work."

The funny fact is that simple does work.

Often much better than complicated.

Here’s the simple secret I’ve found that works wonders.

You can use it for making money. Or for making progress with your writing.

The Secret to Success

I’m working on my next product these days. If everything goes as planned, I’ll launch March 30, 10 a.m. EST.

The title is "$5K per Month" and it will be a product that shows you how you can make that kind of money online without any investment.

I’m using the method I outline in my "24 Days to Success" to create and launch the product.

It’s simple, and it works 🙂

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