Skydiving to $500/hour?

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Imagine diving from an airplane…

The wind drags your cheeks back in a cruel grimace as the Earth approaches with a scary speed.

Then swosh… Your parachute unfolds and it’s as if you’re born anew, carried softly by winged angels towards soft green grass beneath you.

You land, and after the adrenalin stops rushing through your veins, making strong coffee look like water in comparison, you think to yourself:

"I’ve done it! Now I know how to do it and I can repeat this loop forever."

Before you rush out to find a Cessna

What does this have to do with making money online?


The one tweak that saved me from ending up with the same proportions as a pizza was the unfolding of my parachute.

That’s sometimes what it takes: One tweak.

Recently, I did one tweak to my work routine and I went from making $10 per hour to almost $500.

What tweak was that?

I tracked my time. I use Kanbanflow, a free tool, and it works.

Too simple?

Maybe, but it made wonders on two levels.

You can read all about that here:

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