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Yesterday, Yaz and Spencer closed the doors to their new “Quickie 200+ Paydays” method.

The 50 spots filled up way too fast.. and because there was a hiccup at first (no buy button, ugh), I got emails from people who weren’t able to get in.

“I missed it. Any chance of getting in somehow?”

“Already? I wanted to buy Friday”

As you can see, it looks like their 50 spots went way too fast.

And the above emails hit a soft spot with both Yaz and me. Everyone deserves a second chance. And so I asked Yaz and Spencer to open up just 10 more spots, at the same discounted price as yesterday.

I wish we could take more than 10 people, but Yaz really wants this new “Quickie 200+/Paydays” method to work for ALL of those who get in on this. We don’t want over-saturation to be an issue at all. So if you want in, then you’ll want to be quick because there are already several people lined up to get a spot.

Note: The positive feedback I’ve received from the initial 50 customers has been awesome. People are loving this training & method so far… most likely because NO ONE else is teaching this stuff. This is super unique and those that follow Yaz’s steps will be laughing to the bank.

These 10 spots won’t last long. This is your last chance to get in:

>> <<

This will be my last email about this and then they’ll close this exclusive offer down for good.

I hope to see you on the inside!

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