Last call – 42 of 50 spots are gone, just 8 left!

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Important update for you…

This is the LAST call to get into the new “Quickie 200+ Paydays” offer.

After 30 minutes of panic with no buy-button on the site, Yaz and Spencer opened the doors 3:30pm (10:30pm my time), and as expected the spots went fast.

Right now, 42 of the 50 spots are already gone. 

I wouldn’t be surprised if the remaining spots go within the next hour or two.

They limited the spots to 50 so that Yaz’s method continues to work for the longhaul.

And remember if they open this again it will be at LEAST $97 to get in… instead of today’s $37 price.

I’ve seen a bunch of so-called methods over the years. And sadly, many of them are just rehashed material. Yaz really wow’d me with this method and case study of his. It’s brand new, something I’ve never seen before, and it works.

Oh! And by the way, I got a question about it: If there were other costs involved.

No other costs involved 🙂

Enough said, you’ve seen all the 250/payday proof. Grab one of the FINAL spots here:

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