Luck: You can use your intellectual abilities instead of a battoir

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Hi there 🙂

This morning, my husband, I and a friend chatted about a lot of things, and I mentioned that I might wash clothes today…

He said, “I'll get the battoir then.”

I didn't know what that was, so he showed me this picture:

turn on pictures to see this“Don't you know them?” he asked.

“No, I only know a ‘vaskebræt' (washboard). That's what they used in Denmark.”

“And those women who worked in that business had their hands completely ruined, because they were dipped in water and soap all day, and then rinsing the clothes in cold water.”

That made me realize how lucky we are today.

We have a choice. We can educate ourselves and use our intellectual abilities.

Back then, people were either born rich or had to work hard for 12-14 hours per day.

One of the few Danes without a noble background, who succeeded despite everything was this guy:

turn on pictures to see this

He did what many of us have success with today: He wrote!

But he was unique, and he got lucky and caught the attention of the King, who helped him with his education.

We have more luck than him, especially today, because we can self-publish.

It's a fact, today, that self-publisher make more money than most traditionally published authors.

And if you take a look at Amazon's best-seller list, you'll discover mostly fiction books at the top, and a huge amount of those are self-published.

KD Fiction Writing Class

In 1993 or 1994 (don't remember exactly) I decided to go 20% down in salary and use one day per week on writing.

I joined a writing course per correspondence, and I actually managed to get two short stories published in two of the biggest Danish magazines.

Since then I've joined several other courses and read a lot of books about writing fiction and non-fiction. It's an ever-ongoing education.

Last week I joined the KD Fiction Writing Class here:

It's about to start on a new round, and there are recorded classes, live webinars, texts, homework, and help and support from a group.

I'm really eager to get started, because it is obvious!

There is a lot of money and fame in writing fiction.

As far as I can remember back, I've come up with stories.

But in highschool, they kind of strangled that ability, because we were never allowed to use our imagination. We should always compare texts instead.

And while I've always dreamed about becoming an author, and even though I've had more than 25 books published through a traditional publishing house, I still dream about becoming a real author: Somebody who write fiction!

If that's part of your dream, then check out the course. It looks very promising, and it has tons of great testimonials:

Have a great weekend,
Britt Malka

P.S. The price will go up to $124 in 13 days, so if you consider joining this storycrafting class, then doing it now would save you a lot of money…

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