Who *is* this guy?

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Hi 🙂

How is your weekend so far?

Mine is excellent.

I got a few mails, because of the mail I sent yesterday.

Several people wanted to know WHO that guy was that I talked about.

One guessed it 🙂

But let me tell you first that it wasn’t my intention to tease you.

Oh, no, no, that would have been evil 😉

Honestly, it wasn’t. But I grew up seeing pictures and statues everywhere of that man, so I thought that his looks was just as familiar to people outside of Denmark as his name was.

Here he is again:

turn on pictures to see this

Did you guess his name?

It’s Hans Christian Andersen.

He is most famous for his fairy tales. They could be understood by children in one way and by adults in another.

That inspired me, as a pre-teenager, to write a fairy tale in school when we were allowed to write freely.

My fairy tale was about a princess (beautiful, of course, but also clever), a king, an evil sorcerer, and a prince too, I think.

The princess lived in a castle made out of crystal in her kingdom, but next to this happy kingdom the sorcerer lived, and everything was dark and cold and evil there, of course.

I wish I could remember the details, but to make it short, the castle blew up, because they started a heater in there, even though they had been warned against it.

So the princess cried, and her tears turned into crystals. She put them in the water, and the waves moved them, and created heat for her.

Several similar things happened, and in the end the evil died, the good got happy, the prince and the princess married…

Pretty traditional.

I got a top grade for it, and my teacher said it was an excellent story.

Obviously, that made me pride and happy, and since she had taught us about fairy tales and Hans Christian Andersen, I asked her:

Did you understand what it really was about?

Her: “No?”

This made me so disappointed.

I mean – it was 1973, everybody was wearing badges saying, “Say no to atomic power”.

And in my story, the castle blew up (atomic power) and instead they used water power, wind power and solar power.

How could she miss that?

I felt that she must have read the story really fast, and my top grade faded somewhat in my mind.

And with those words, I’ll go and play some World of Warcraft. It’s a modern version of a fairy tale 🙂

Have a great weekend,
Britt Malka

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