Did you wrap a towel the wrong way around $1,000 extra?

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Learn from the best, right?

A couple of years ago, I learned that the WAY you learn matters. I had copied a technique I saw an expert use. And I got the opposite result.

It was a simple thing: wrapping a towel around my newly washed hair.

LOL, yeah, sounds crazy. How can you do that wrong?

Well, if you study how the hairdresser for the Queen of Denmark do it… You’ll get it wrong.

That hairdresser is my uncle. And I more or less grew up in his salon. I helped sweeping the floor. I helped handing my uncle curlers. And I helped washing hair.

I noticed how the best hairdressers in Denmark wrapped the towel around the customers’ hair and I copied it and did it the same way.

What I didn’t know was the purpose behind it.

When you cut hair, it better be wet. Otherwise, the tiny, sharp hair can get into your hands. (My uncle once got blood poisoning after cutting dry hair.)

But the hairdresser doesn’t always have time to cut a client’s hair right after she had it washed. So they wrap the towel around it in a way that keeps humidity for as long as possible.

And I wondered why my hair would take hours to dry!

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