Soon (haunted)

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I can’t think the word “soon” without adding “Amy” and shivering.

Have you seen that thriller? The name is “No Place to Hide” and it’s from 1981. I saw it once, years ago, and the thought of it still scares me.

All this to say that two important things that could both affect you happen soon:

  1. Shawn Hansen will do the first live training about how you can make life easier for others and make money yourself with short and simple cheatsheets.
  2. The price of Shawn Hansen’s course will go up.

Her course isn’t cheap, because it goes in-depth with a full system, where you’ll learn how to make the cheatsheets PLUS make even more money by connecting them to higher priced books, courses or more.

I know Shawn as an excellent teacher, so you’re in for a treat here 🙂

The first session goes online in today, which is also when the price goes up. (It will be recorded, so you can watch anytime.)

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