Overwhelmed and chaotic – ugh!

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How would you feel if you were planted in an empty room that only contained a chair, a table, and a laptop.

And you were told you should set up an online business now?

Ugh! Right?

But figuratively speaking, that’s what is asked of you.

You buy a product, and you’re supposed to figure out how to create a squeeze page, how to create a product, how to set up a blog, how to buy a domain, how to…

There are so many things you need to figure out now. All at once.

That’s just not possible.

When I learned it myself, I learned it over time. I began with one thing, took my time, went to the next thing and so on. I could do that because I started many years ago, back in 1995.

But you, today? Uh oh!

I think that’s a pity, and that’s why I created Malka Club. To help people build a business, one step at a time. And to do a little every day.

If you could use a hand, then check this out today http://malka.biz/malka-club/

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