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There’s traffic and there’s traffic.

All traffic is not equal, as you probably know.

When the traffic itself is free, and you don’t have to work for it, I say “thank you very much”.

Today, I set up two campaigns that drive Pinterest traffic to two of my sites. It’s working already!

Before I tell you where you can learn more, let me explain what you can use that kind of traffic for.

  • Selling stuff? Maybe. Only maybe. It can work.
  • Getting new subscribers? Absolutely.
  • Making money from ads like Google AdSense? Oh, yes.

So by using this tool (which runs on Mac or Windows), you can set up campaigns (takes a few minutes) and then make money, literally on auto-pilot.

People rave about it. My antivirus messed up things, so I didn’t manage to start up the app until today, or I could have given you concrete results.

But I suggest you take a look here to see how it works:

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