Yf-yf dog chat and magical graphics

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Nefnef and I just came back from our walk to the park.

We chat a lot on our way. Especially on our way home, where we have a lot to talk about.

Like, "Nefnef good dog, out walking".

  • "Yf yf. Yf yf."

  • "And we saw a CAT."

  • "Yyyyyhhhhh."

  • "And Nefnef such a good dog. Nefnef out to do her business."

  • "Yf yf, yh yh."

(I seriously wonder if she calls herself Yf yf, but my husband says I’m crazy…)

Now we’re home, and she splashed out on the floor, while I’m here, ready to work again.

And today, a friend pointed me to a graphic package. I’m normally not that interested in graphics, but this one look extraordinarily good, and I know the graphic guy from earlier.

Here, take a look:

==> http://malka.im/adamskigmagic

As you can see, the package contains all kinds of covers, squeeze pages, mascots, photos, hand-written graphics, and ecovers, powerpoint templates, and much more.

The price is less than $10 right now but goes up to $17 in six days, so if you can use this power package for covers, blog posts, mails, your social sites or anything like that, then now is a good time to grab it.

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