[Product Creation] Don’t you DARE create a product!

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Can you believe it? The nerve?

My husband cooks and I lay the table.

He was just calling from the kitchen that I could get started, and the cat, Frostie, ran to me, mewed, and dashed me with his paw!

Apparently, I wasn’t fast enough for his taste 😉

I think there was a time when cats were actually useful animals.

Okay, Frostie is afraid of nothing except loud airplanes…

But what about you?

Does the thought of creating a product scare you?

When I started writing non-fiction, it was by coincident. I had agreed to teach a class how to use an accounting program I used myself, and then they needed somebody to write the manual for it. They didn’t ask if I would. They asked for my price.

I gave them a price.

I thought it was high, but I had hugely under-estimated the time it took to write the book, test everything, make corrections, test again, correct again…

In short: I was much too cheap!

Another teacher should use the manual, too, and it became a huge success, but the lady who hired me asked if I always had such low prices, and I said, “no!”

But it got me started.

It taught me that I could do it!

What about you?

Do you dare to create your own product? Written, pictures, graphics, video… anything?

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