Setting up your blog

Make Your Blog Stand Out With a Favicon

A favicon is the picture, you see in the Address bar of a browser, and if somebody bookmarks that page on their computer, the icon will show up under Bookmarks as well. … After you’ve downloaded the favicon package, you need to upload it to your server, and to insert a code in your HTML to tell the browser that you now have a favicon, ho-ho-ho!

Want to Try List Building for Free? Have a Dabble with MailChimp

But that’s exactly what MailChimp is, if you can do with 500 subscribers to your liste, and up to 3,000 emails send out per month. … MailChimp boosts of some wellknown users as Firefox, and on a blog, they are linking to, you can see testimonials like the following: “Our deliverability has improved dramatically since we switched to Mail Chimp, which was basically our test to determine if this was a tool we would utilize long-term.”

Creating a Blog? How to Easily Get Your ‘About’, ‘Contact’, and Boring ‘Privacy’ Pages Made

Make it as sweatless as possible to create it by using this generator: You only have to fill in your site name, email, country, and company name. … Privacy Policy Generator In order to generate a privacy policy for your site, you could either search for a generator, or use this one (the first I found): Again, it’s easy.

Cool, easy to setup, free webshop

Jeg har downloadet en masse selv, og har fået set på nogle af dem, bl.a. webshoppen, og det, jeg har set, har jeg syntes om. Denne gaveregn varer kun et par dage mere, så tilmeld dig i dag, og hent dine yndlingsprodukter: ==>

Contests On Your Blog

Du kan tiltrække kommentarer og læsere på mange måder.John Chow bruger ofte konkurrencer – selv om han faktisk altid får enormt mange kommentarer til sine blogindlæg, sandsynligvis pga. hans meget specielle personlighed, som man sikkert enten hader eller elsker.Hvis du kun har to læsere, kan det ikke betale sig – medmindre du kan tiltrække trafikken andre steder fra.

Make Updating Of Your Blogging Script And Plugins Easy

If you are hosting your own blogs, and they are created with WordPress or another blog script, you should make it easy for yourself to update the script, whenever there’s a newer version. Failing to do that can cost you a lot of trouble, because there are often security holes in those popular scripts, and it’s easy for script kiddies to gain access to your server, if you do not keep your blogging script updated.

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