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How to Set Up a WordPress Blog in a Folder On Your Domain (like

A couple of days ago, I got a question from a person I know from earlier emails and Facebook. She’s a really nice person, and one of those rare people who actually take action and do things. So Hanne, which her name is, has not only bought a domain and set it up on HostGator, …

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Profits Theme Review (Welly Mulia and Adi Djohari)

In short, Profits Theme is a WordPress theme, you can use not only to make a very customized design with, but also to create a membership site, add squeeze pages, sales pages (with or without video), and many other pages just by checking a few fields, and by adding your own text instead of the example text given. … Buy Profits Theme Today Through This Link , and you’ll get my eBook ” Fresh’n’Free Unique Content System ” for free ( sells here for $17 ), which will show you how you can get new content to your blog without using PLR, auto-blogging or other black hat tricks.

The Guru’s Say: Use Upsells! – I say: “Don’t” – Who Am I To Go Against Them? – Britt Malka – That’s Who I Am

If i buy an info product on how to do XYZ for $37,then i expect it to do that job,and to do it well,as advertised,not to do it as well as advertised IF i buy a load of extras for $400…if Dan Brock makes a 5 figure income using the actual upsell tools and resources himself,and we are sold the idea that we only need to buy the $37 basic product,isn’t that deceitful? Now,the upsells may well be worth the money,but that’s not the’s the sharp practice of getting you emotionally and financially invested in a product by withholding information…bait and do YOU feel when you buy a info product for $37,then find out to REALLY emulate the product creator,you have to invest another $400 he didn’t tell you about…it just sends refund rates through the ceiling…the true proposition is that to effectively acheive what Dan Brock is doing,is buy a $437 course,with everything included,for maximum results,but if you cant afford that,you can get the basic course which while it will do the job,will do it much less efficently than it could be done without the other bits…gotta go,before my blood reaches 100 degrees…

Put a Contact Link on Your Site Without Inviting Spammers to the Party

When I started teaching people how to make home pages, one of the things I taught them was how to put their email address online in a click-able link.

…You can put this link online by entering the HTML code on your site and creating a link like this: <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Contact me</a> Remember to use your actual link, and not the one I wrote with xxx.

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