Email Marketing

Want to Try List Building for Free? Have a Dabble with MailChimp

But that’s exactly what MailChimp is, if you can do with 500 subscribers to your liste, and up to 3,000 emails send out per month. … MailChimp boosts of some wellknown users as Firefox, and on a blog, they are linking to, you can see testimonials like the following: “Our deliverability has improved dramatically since we switched to Mail Chimp, which was basically our test to determine if this was a tool we would utilize long-term.”

Put “Unsubscribe” at the Top and at the Bottom

This is what the GetResponse Blog tells us about their experience: Subscribers today don’t just use the SPAM button to register a complaint about scams, or emails they didn’t request. … So what you should do, according to GetResponse and the Ellusionist that is quoted in the blog post, is to put an unsubscribe link both at the top and at the bottom.

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