You’ve gone far now. In five days, you’ve learnt:

  • How to find a money-making topic for your blog.
  • How to create your first blog.
  • How to add content to your blog.
  • How to make it more visible in the search engines.
  • How to add pictures to your blog.
  • How to use articles and curated content on your blog.

You might find this simple, but in fact, it’s the building stone that creates a stable foundation for your blog empire.

Did you know that none of my blogs and sites were ever touched by the Panda, Penguin or what-ever update Google has ever made?

You just learnt one of my big secrets to create everlasting content.

From the start (1997), I’ve posted valuable content to my blogs and sites, and I’ve never gone crazy with back-linking (creating links back to my sites) or any other grey-hat methods.

I’ve never had the problem with using the keywords too often. This is called “keyword stuffing”. I’ve written blog posts and article in a natural way. Not for search engines, but for human beings.

But what about traffic? you might rightfully ask.

Yeah, well, back when I started, it was almost “build it, and they’ll come”. And yet, I did several things to get more subscribers to my list (yes, list-building is one of the best answers to the traffic question), and I did something to get traffic, too.

I never paid for traffic.

Would you pay people to visit your house?

Traffic is an entirely different monster, and there were no room for it in this 5-Day Blog Workshop.

I will give you a few tips here, though, to how you can create traffic to your blog. These are easy ways that works, and they will take you only a short while to perform.

Social Medias

You can proudly post to your FaceBook profile when you’ve published a new blog post. Some of your friends might be interested and go have a look. With a little luck, they’ll tell their friends, and you’ll get viral traffic.

If you have a Twitter account, you can post the link to your latest blog post there. If you don’t have a Twitter account, then sign up and get one.

Pinterest – You HAVE to get a Pinterest account, if you don’t already have one. Then “pin” the pictures of your blog posts to relevant boards on Pinterest. These can spread like wildfire. If somebody sees your pin and want to pin it herself, all her friends and followers will see it. Then some of them might want to pin it, and then it just goes viral. Use good pictures, if you want to speed up this process.

Google+ – You might not get as much traffic from this source, but it will only take you seconds to share with your circles, so why not?


Another way to spread the word about your latest blog posts, is to “ping” it – which means send it out there in the blogosphere. You can use a free service like Pingler or Ping-o-matic to do it.

You just have to add the URL to your blog to Pingler once, and it will automatically ping your blog every three days.

Ping-o-matic will ask you to go there, every time you’ve posted a new article.

When you’ve pinged your blog, the services will automatically tell the search engines and communities about it.

Stay in touch

I might have more bonuses for you later. For now, I hope you can use these fast traffic tips to get some people to your blog.

Let me know in the comments, when you start to make money. Remember: The first dollar is the hardest 🙂 There’s a reason for why Uncle Scrooge saved the first coin he ever made.

It’s magic!


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