How To Schedule Blog Posts – Publish, Even When You’re Not There

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I’m not here. Really! It’s Saturday, and I’m relaxing. No business at all. No writing blog posts.

But yet, I managed to get this blog post online a Saturday, and I even Twittet about it both @ another Tweeter, and as a normal Twit.

Am I a super-intelligent omni-potent genious?

Well, maybe, in all modesty, but no, I have to be honest. I just learned how to make some things work automatically.

Schedule Your Blog Posts

You can schedule your blog posts from the Dashboard of your blog, if you’re using WordPress. Some programs, like Ecto, also has this scheduling function, which is really neat. You can write one weeks blog posts ahead, and drip feed them daily, or you can do it from time to time, as you like.

schedule blog post

Once you’ve written your blog post, instead of publishing it right away, find the Publish area, and where it says: “Publish immediately edit“, and click on “edit“.

how to schedule a blog post

Then set the timer to the date and time, you wish your blog post to go live. Click OK, and finally on Schedule.

Schedule Your Tweets

You can do it in several different ways. I do it with HootSuite.

It’s easy, it’s free, it works. I want to buy the iPhone version, by the way. But the browser version is free, and you can handle several Twitter-accounts with it, and even Facebook, and other social sites.

Okay, enough free publicity for HootSuite 😉

Here’s what I do. I write my tweet in the form, and I click on Send Later. I set the timer, choose my profile, and click on Schedule.

Oh, Wait! How Do I Find the Link to the Blog Post, When It’s Not Published Yet?

Ah, I love it, when I ask such brilliant questions 😉

Well, back on the Dashboard, if you edit your scheduled blog post, you will see the permalink on top. Just copy it, and paste it in your tweet.

Is this blog post useful to you, or are you already an expert in these areas? Please tell me in the comments.

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  1. I have already written the same about scheduling using WordPress, but scheduling in Twitter was new, so I do feel it was useful that you mentioned HootSuite.

    Keep inspiring with your articles. They are just as good whether you’re at the desk when they are released, or you wrote them ahead of time. 🙂

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