3 Ways to Get Easy Content for Your Website

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easy content for your website

If you’re after easy content for your website, take a look at these three ways to get it.

All three ways are either totally free for you, or will only cost you a minimum. Let’s get started.

Why You Should Get (Easy) Content for Your Website

Have you ever tried to launch a website with only one text on it?

While some gurus claim that they make millions with such sites, I’ve never experienced it myself.

What I have experienced, though, is that sites with lots of content consistently bring me an income – even years after I’ve stopped working on those sites.

Content is king. No, GOOD content is king. The more valuable content you can put on your website, the better.

Why Easy Content for Your Website Often Is Better Than Putting a Lot of Energy Into It

Let’s face it! We all only got 24 hours per day, and we spend some of those hours sleeping. Other hours go with trivial tasks like bathing, washing up, washing clothes, cooking, shopping, etc.

If you on top of that have a day job, this will leave you just with one or two hours per day to do Internet business.

Are you spending hours writing your blog posts? That can be fine, but if you want more content for your website, you should also look for easy content once in a while.

This will help your website grow faster, gain more authority, and make more money.

Easy Content for Your Website – Method Number One: Article Directories

syndicated articles - easy content for your website

syndicated articles – easy content for your websiteArticle directories are meant for syndication of articles. That means that you can use other people’s articles as content for your website.

One condition is that you add the author’s resource box, which means you’ll get an outbound link from your site to his.

You should only use this option once in a while, if you want to make money with affiliate products from your own site. If you have AdSense or other adverts on your website, it’s fine to use this kind of content. You should be aware of the fact, though, that you’re not getting unique content this way.

Easy Content for Your Website – Method Number Two: Guest Blogging

guest blogging - easy content for your website

If you want unique content for your website the simple way, you could invite people to write articles for you. If your website is a blog, this is called “guest blogging”, but even if you have an HTML style homepage, people can add their articles to your site.

Just like when you use articles from article directories, you should allow them to add their resource box or at least a link to their own website from the article.

How do you attract guest bloggers?

As your blog or website grows, this becomes easier, because people will contact you themselves and ask to be allowed to write for you.

But when you are still growing your website, you might use other methods.

A while ago, I came up with a system that worked very well. Several writers joined my sites regularly, and they all reported back that they were very happy about this system.

You can find it on my site: Fresh’n’Free Unique Content System

You can even get it totally free, if you join Wealthy Affiliates through my link.

Easy Content for Your Website – Method Number Three: PLR

PLR - easy content for your website

PLR is a perfect way to get easy content for your website.

Stop: I’m not talking about just smashing it up as it is. You should either rewrite the PLR articles, or transform them into a video, or do something else with it.

If you just use PLR as it is, you risk that several other people already have it on their website with the exact same wordings.

A few months ago, we started our own PLR Store, and the PLR articles we sell from our PLR Store are professionally proofread; they contain paragraphs and bullets; they have a high word count.

We have repeating customers, which tells it all.

If you don’t see the articles, you want there, let me know what keywords you were looking for. The site offers a form you can use, so nobody else will know what your special niche is.

This rounds it up – there are of course other ways to get easy content for your website, but I picked the ones, I found easiest to apply immediately.

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