Internet Marketing – Why You Should Rather Pay $1,000 to Learn Than $10

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From time to time, you’ve probably seen those emails telling you about a great course that a small group of people has paid $1,000 to attend to. Now you can get it for only $10, but you have to act fast, because it’s about to be taken down, etc. etc. (Read: A lot of the usual Internet marketing cliches.)

I don’t know about you, but my first thought is always: “Yeah, right!

If I were one of those people, who sat there with smiles permanently attached to their lips, listening to some guru, telling them how they should run their business (sometimes even making it up on the spot), and if I’d paid $1,000, I would feel cheated.

At first glance, this looks so unfair!

Why should I pay $1,000, when you can get the same thing for a fraction of that price?

Well, there is an important reason why it might be better to pay more to get the product. No, it has nothing to do with getting your hands on it before everybody else. It’s more significant than that. It can all be narrowed down to one single word:


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A couple of years ago, I was one of those clients who got the $2,000 course for $4.95 plus shipping, and while I never made any income from it, there were proof that showed that the original clients did.

How come? What’s the difference?

Well, of course, they could ask the guru questions, and they were also able to use the idea before the rest of us.

But the biggest difference between them and me was commitment. They invested $2,000, which is an amount of money that most people find important. The money I spend could get me a bus ticket home. If I made my “investment” back, well, nice. If not, well, no problem.

They, on the other hand, would probably have a lot of explanations to do to their spouse, if they had thrown out a couple of thousand dollars out of the window, just to feed their dreams.

So they were bound to take action. They had to make the investment back many times over.

Notice, we’re talking about the same product. The information, we received, were the same. The conditions were different. And they made a huge commitment. They were forced to make money.

Therefore, if you really want to make money, or if you really want to learn a new skill, make sure you make a commitment. Don’t go after the free class online. You’ll probably attend the first two-three times, and then you’ll figure you can “always continue another day”. That other day will never occur.

Invest in yourself. Invest in knowledge. That’s what the big guys in Internet marketing do.

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