Are You Branding Yourself?

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Are you branding yourself?

Let’s face it: People buy from people they like, so it’s important to brand yourself so that people will remember your name.

In Denmark, most people know my name, both because of the more than 30 books I got published there, and also for being one of the first to live from online income. I’ve been in Danish television and radio, while I lived in France.

However, my husband thinks I’m too shy and modest when it comes to telling about myself, especially to English speaking people who doesn’t know me that well. He decided to make an interview (watch it after the jump), which is one of the ways you can brand yourself.

Get somebody to ask you some questions and catch you on film, and put it online.

Make your name stand out in some what. If you have a common name, you can add a nick-name to make it different. Get a logo (we have the fox). Show your pretty face on your blog. Let people hear your voice.

What else can you do? Well, I’ll know more about that later, because I joined Tiffany Dow’s challenge, so I’ll start branding myself in October. For now, I leave it to my husband to brand my name 😀

First a short trailer 🙂

And then the interview

2 thoughts on “Are You Branding Yourself?”

  1. I agree, branding is important. Some people are successful online without it, but there is no guarantee. Besides, success is relative. What one person considers success might not be the same as someone else’s definition. Besides, I’d rather take a few extra steps to better guarantee my success instead of just hoping for the best.

    When I think about all the different brand name products I use everyday, I wonder if I would have bought them over other brands if I didn’t have them imprinted in my brain. The power of branding is very powerful.

    By the way, I love your trailer!

    1. Thank you for a very wise comment. Yeah, brands… sometimes, we believe that we’re really independent and make our own choices, but in reality, nope! It’s all about branding and adverts. My husband was happy for your kind words about the trailer. He’s not only made the interview. He’s also cut the video, used the theme, etc. I don’t have the patience for all that stuff, but he loves it, and I think he’s good at it.

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