“The Early Bird Catches the Worm” – but Who the Heck Wants Worms?

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Karen over at “Home Business Roundtable” has written a brilliant blog post about “How to Increase Productivity — Come On Over to the Dark Side“:

To increase productivity, we’re often urged we must get up early. What fantastic advice! If I could do it consistently, I’m sure I’d be an early bird who gets a worm and quit being a ten o’clock scholar. But instead, I’ve decided I’ll embrace my inner night owl. Take my advice: stay up and work like a demon from dusk to dawn.

These days, I’ve found my real self. I’m a night elf.

Hey, wait! Before you phone the men in blue to come and take me away with one of those nice shirts with very long sleeves, hear me out. I’m only a night elf in World of Warcraft, but it’s true. I’ve never been much of an early bird.

When I was 20, and worked in a supermarket, for a short while I was asked to show up at 7 o’clock. I did. But shortly after, I was asked to return to my normal hours. Why?

Quite simply: They found out that I showed up, allright, and I worked, somewhat, but I wasn’t awake. I would walk around fruits and vegetables with my long hair hanging down over my face. Brains deeply asleep.

And yes, I think it’s true that you are born either as an early riser, or you can easily work until the small hours in the morning, without any problems. I mean… today, I have no problems with working at 7 o’clock, if I haven’t been to bed yet.

Don’t try to hot-wire your inner digital clock. Get up, when you’re awake. Go to sleep, when you’re sleepy. Simple, isn’t it?

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