Warning To 100k BluePrint Owners – You’re At High Risk At Getting Banned By Google AdSense

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A while ago, I wrote about Joel Comm's latest version of AdSense Secrets 5. One of my readers commendet and asked how it compared to the 100k BluePrint that he had just bought and was not totally happy about.

I didn't know the product, and I still don't, by the way, but Tiffany Dow got banned by AdSense, when she did a review of it. And today, PotPieGirl AKA Jennifer, brings a warning about the product here.

While AdSense Secrets 5 is purely white hat and good advice, apparently 100k BluePrint leaves a HUGE footprint, telling Google that THIS site is only in business to make money (nasty nasty – can you imagine that? Somebody is in this to make money? shame on them… they should all be like Google, give away everything for free etc. Oh, Google doesn't?)

Do you have this footprint on your money making site?

After what Jennifer says, most of the 100k BluePrint sites have a link in the footer, back to the 100k BluePrint site and a text saying “modified for 100k blueprint”.

You should remove that footer immediately, and also change the theme, if it's almost identical to all the other 100k BluePrint sites.

The same goes for the Google AdSense x something by the way. I've forgotten the name, but it's all about writing about different products, using a green theme with black and yellow text and have AdSense on them.

If you want to make money with AdSense, which is very  much possible, use good and healthy advice from somebody like Joel Comm. Don't go for the Make Money Instantly button. It doesn't exist.

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