The Hidden Reason Why Should You Join a Membership Site – and Why It Matters More Than You Think To Choose the Right One

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When you see ads for a membership site, you’ll see promises of them teaching you to earn xxx dollars per months, or giving you so many rights to pre-written text, or something else. You see a service of a kind. But this is only the surface.

Below the surface is an ocean of REAL advantages, and while you’re reading this blog post, you will find out exactly why you should join a membership site, what you really gain, but what nobody tells you about, and why it matters more than you think to choose the right one.

You should join a membership site for three reasons:

  • To Learn
  • To Get Inspiration
  • To Network

Maybe you haven’t considered this, because very few do, but if you join a membership site, you will in most cases gain access to a forum or at least to make comments on a blog.

Go for the forum. The blog comments can too easily be censured out by the merchant, if some members are not satisfied and write about it.

Who is writing on the forum? Are there a lot of traffic, new posts, comments, and activity? Do you already know some of the members from being successful online? Or are all the members striving to make their first dollar?

Networking with people on your own level is great. You can learn from their experiences. But nothing beats learning from the masters themselves.

And one important thing here: It’s one thing to learn from written material (or videos), it’s another thing to have already successful people answering YOUR questions on the forum, or just picking up on one of your posts and giving some great comments.

A month ago (almost), I joined The Wealthy Affiliates University and it was a great and pleasant surprise to meet people like Travis Sago (BUM marketing) and Jennifer Ledbetter, aka Pot Pie Girl. What really struck me was how clever these two guys really are. When they write a forum posts, it’s not just another “keep up the good work”. You get insightful advice, and you can easily pick their brains about how to find keywords, how to proceed, how to make money online, even for free.

That’s the real secret that successful people know. They mingle with other successful people, and they learn, and they brand their name out there.

Oh, yes, you can join forums for free, and some of them are pretty good, in fact, but you’ll also run into a bunch of spammers (“nice post, keep up the good work”), and very few serious people. I’m not saying that they are not there, because they are, but in my experience they spend a lot less time on a free forum than on one, where the spammers have been weeded out by the monthly fee.

Join now – the more expensive the better. You can be sure that somebody who has $100 per month to be a member of some site, they also know stuff you would like to know. You will be joining an exclusive inner circle. And I truly and honestly believe that The Wealthy Affiliates University is one of the best.

2 thoughts on “The Hidden Reason Why Should You Join a Membership Site – and Why It Matters More Than You Think To Choose the Right One”

  1. I fully agree on the point that networking is like icing on the cake. What strikes me as interesting in that regard is also the Warrior forum. I’m all too seldom on that forum, but when I do log in there are lots of interesting discussions.

    I feel like the main problem, for me, is getting the full benefit from membership forums. I think I will be able to do so from the month of July since I made June my “month of cleaning up” in the sense of re-activating all the content on my hard drive. Not to procrastinate, but simply because I want to have a system where I know what I already have, and begin focusing on what is missing.

    But I will use your link in July, and thank you for your thought-provoking article.

  2. Thanks, Henrik, I just want to make sure that you know that by using my link in July, you will start on the new price ($97), whereas if you sign up to day (I don’t say you should, just that if you have decided to do so), you can continue forever for only $39. So spend $39 today to save almost $60 for the next many months. And WA is much more than the forum. I am following their basis course right now: “Wealthy Affiliate Action Plan (Step-by-Step)”

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