Unstoppable Affiliate Review Part 4

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UPDATE: Hold on to your credit card for now. I'm sorry to say it, but Andrew Hansen is unreachable at the moment. One of my readers bought Unstoppable Affiliate and didn't get a login. Andrew Hansen's support site is down (key expired), and he doesn't reply emails (several to different addresses), Tweets, PMs or anything. I have no idea what's going on. This is not how I used to know Andrew Hansen.

Okay, I started out Thursday evening with this part of Unstoppable Affiliate, continued Friday, and finished today. I was too tired to see more than three videos Thursday, and Friday I didn't have much time.

Anyway, I got through them, and they are not the most interesting videos in this product, Unstoppable Affiliate. Not because of the videos, but because back linking doesn't really have my interest.

Well, I still have some good and bad to say about them. Here's my review of Part 4 – Traffic Mastery.

This part is all about off-page SEO and back links.

Andrew Hansen and Josh Stanton look at two kinds of back links: the high quality back links you can use to point to your money site, and the lower quality links, which you can use to boost your high quality links. They call the latter “supporting links”, and theoretically it all made sense to me. Time will tell if they are right, though.

In video #2, you get some nice tips about how to use your competitors sites as a leverage for your own sites.

Video 3 shows us how to use Scrape Box, a Windows programme we are told is a must-have. I skipped the most of this video. Mac users were given no alternative to this Windows only application. Too bad, since it seemed to be essential.

I was looking forward to watching video 4 and 4b, since they were about article marketing, which I really love. However, they only use article marketing for back links, not for syndication.

We learn that we have to submit to Ezine Articles first, and wait until the article is published, before we submit to smaller article directories, since “they check if the articles are elsewhere”.

Hm, not according to my experience. And not according to Ezine Articles' editorial guidelines. I'm sorry, but I don't subscribe to this one.

They bring a nice list of ten article directories, which should deliver some good back links fast.

In video #7, Andrew Hansen sneezes very loudly, and wellโ€ฆ I wished he'd cut that part out. Most video recording software allows for editing.

A lot of the tips we get requires further investments, but my guess is that it's worth it, and it's by only going half the way and trying to do everything for free, that people make little or no money.

My Next Steps With Unstoppable Affiliate

I have to go through the material again, this time in another way. I'm going to write down every step I need to take, and in case it's a repeated task, put it all into system.

After I've tried it out, I will come up with a conclusion about this product in a final review of Unstoppable Affiliate.

Until then, you can go ahead and buy from this link. So far, I recommend the course, but I must confess that it's only on a theoretical level. I still need to see proof of income before I can deliver the final judgement.



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5 thoughts on “Unstoppable Affiliate Review Part 4”

  1. Hi Britt, I have a question about the $1 trial of Unstoppable Affiliate. Maybe you can help clarify for me. Andrew says: “If you agree that it’s as awesome as I’m telling you, you can pay me later. If you don’t, don’t pay. Simple as that.”

    This makes it sound like you can access the entire course for $1, and you have the OPTION to pay or not to pay the remaining amount (based on the honor system of course, depending on how much you like the course).

    But meanwhile, when you start to go through the checkout process, you can see that you’re going to be billed $48 upfront. So really, you don’t have the option to pay or not to pay like he said on an earlier page. He’s billing you.

    Maybe I’m misunderstanding – but it just seems misleading to me. He’s making it sound like you can get the entire course for $1, when in reality…no…you don’t have a choice because he’s billing you the $48 (upfront it seems, but he says after 5 days) and then he’s billing you the remaining amount after another period of time.

    So why is he saying “if you don’t like the course, don’t pay” when really you have to pay whether you like it or not?

    Do you follow what I’m saying? I would love to hear your response.

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Ryan, yes, your question makes perfect sense ๐Ÿ™‚ When I bought the product shortly after it came out, I used the $1 trial offer. Ha! I forgot to have money on my PayPal, and five days after, I was kicked out ๐Ÿ˜‰ I got back in by paying a dollar again, and then paid the rest over two times.

      But that was back then, and things could have been changed, so I followed the link to pay for the $1 trial. I went all the way to PayPal, and they really do only charge one dollar, and then $48 5 days later, unless you unsubscribe (you can do that yourself, if you like, through PayPal), and then the second $48 payment 30 days later, as far as I remember.

      So yes, you can still access the entire course for $1. You have the OPTION to pay, yes, but if you don’t pay, you’re kicked out again. But what you’ve learnt, you’ve learnt, and nobody can take that away from you.

      I chose to stay, and I’ve seen that most of the people who signed up through my link have stayed, too. As far as I remember, only one or maybe two have left after a few days, and maybe they couldn’t afford it after all, or maybe the course just wasn’t for them.

      I still think it’s one of the best (if not THE best) course on affiliate marketing, I’ve ever seen. I don’t use CPA myself (tried that, it’s not for me), but I use the technique on other affiliate products.

      Hope this answer helps you. If not, then please ask again. Don’t be shy or afraid ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Thank you so much, Britt. I think I understand now. Tell me if this is correct. You can access the entire course for $1, but only for those initial five days. After that, your PayPal will be billed $48, and in another 30 days your PayPal will be billed another $48.

    So really, if you plan on having and using the program for more than a month, you still have to pay the entire $97. And if you can cancel within those first five days, well then you no longer have access to the program, like you mention above.

    I think what’s confusing is the way he worded it – he basically says “get the entire course for $1, if you don’t like it, don’t pay anything additional.” So that makes it seem like you can have the course for as long as you want for only $1.

    But in reality, you only have the option to NOT pay more than $1 during those first five days (if you decide to cancel), but if you do that you don’t have access to the program anymore! LOL

    I’m sure the program is solid, just poorly worded if you ask me. Please correct me if anything I said above is incorrect.

    Have you tried Bring the Fresh by the way?


    1. That is correct understood, yes.

      Andrew Hansen has offered this payment method so people don’t have to pay the full price and then ask for a refund if they don’t like it.

      All, they risk to get a look a the full product, is $1, and don’t worry. You can easily tell if it’s something for you or not within the first five days. Actually, probably already during your first day, but this way you have far more time to go through the material.

    2. I forgot to answer this part of your question: “Have you tried Bring the Fresh by the way?”

      Yes, I have, and I use their settings inside Market Samurai. They have updated the product recently, but I haven’t checked it out, yet. I’d better do, and write a review ๐Ÿ™‚

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