Unstoppable Affiliate Review Part 3

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UPDATE: Hold on to your credit card for now. I’m sorry to say it, but Andrew Hansen is unreachable at the moment. One of my readers bought Unstoppable Affiliate and didn’t get a login. Andrew Hansen’s support site is down (key expired), and he doesn’t reply emails (several to different addresses), Tweets, PMs or anything. I have no idea what’s going on. This is not how I used to know Andrew Hansen.

I’m getting more and more impressed by Unstoppable Affiliate the more I watch the videos. Today, I went through part 3 – called Conversion Strategy on the page, where you can watch the videos.

Unstoppable Affiliate by Andrew Hansen and Josh Stanton - review

In yesterday’s review of Unstoppable Affiliate I forgot to mention the bonus, I’m giving you, if you purchase through my link. You’ll further more get the advantage if you purchase now that you can try out the product for only $1.

It’s been a tough day at school. We had a test. The teacher wrote three questions in Hebrew on the blackboard, and we had to give written answers… Well, I hope this will do for an excuse for WHY I haven’t look back over the areas I missed yesterday.

Here we go for today’s review of Part 3 of the Unstoppable Affiliate.

This part contains 12 videos of different length. Two of the videos are worth the price of the whole course! I’ll tell you more about them in a minute.

In this part, Josh and Andrew teach us some very nice tips about how to make a mini-site that converts. They emphasize that this is “perfect presell content theory“. They have also tested the theory in praxis, and apparently it works for them.

Your goals should be how to keep readers on your site; to optimize your keywords; not to offend Google; and most importantly get the click through and sell the product.

In video #2 and #3, Josh explains how to optimize the page both for readers and search engines. You’ll learn a lot from this video.

Maybe the best videos EVER about how to create a review that sells

Videos 4 and 4b are probably the best videos so far. They are probably the best affiliate videos I’ve ever seen. If you need a template for how to create a review page that sells without sounding cheesy, this is the way to do it.

I was really impressed when I watched these videos by Andrew Hansen, and I was also relieved. I’d been scared of starting this project because… what if I didn’t know anything about the product I chose? Well, my fright has been removed now. It’s not that hard to write a great and valuable text even about things like … I don’t know … weight loss pills? I know nothing about those. Now I know how to write a highly converting review anyway.

No, I’m not using the method here. This blog is different. I’m delivering an honest review about a product that really impresses me. I’m not trying to make you buy it.

In those two videos you get a formula for writing this blog post. I’ve copied each point of the outline into my blogging software, so now I can use it just by hitting a key combination. How cool is that?

Videos 5 and 6 are about conversion boosters. They were all new to me, just as the formula mentioned before.

The videos from #7 to #11 are all very small tutorials, some lasting only around a minute. They teach you how to do things that can have a major influence on your conversion, such as removing the Next – Previous links, showing your testimonials in a real cool way, close your comments, wrap text around the pictures, and create a sticky post.

No More Babbling From Me This Time

At this moment, I’m only sorry about one thing: That’s it almost midnight, and that it’s almost weekend. I will not have time to get much more done before next week 🙁 And I so long to get started 🙂

Before I forget it: When you purchase through any of my links, you’ll get a bonus. My eBook “How To Write 8 Articles in 2 Hours Or Less” will be yours, if you mail and tell me, you’ve purchase. Use the Contact link above. Note that I’m a Diamond Level author at Ezine Articles, so I’ll not teach you to write rubbish. That would go totally against my way of being.

I hope you know that by now, or I’ll ask my cat to scratch you 😉 Nah! He’s too stuffed, he says. Siamese cats are supposed to be slender… I guess he’s not realized he’s a siamese.

Soon I’ll bring you a walkthrough of the fourth and last part, and then a concluding review of Unstoppable Affiliate.



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