Screw Google!

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We all know how important it is to be well indexed in Google, right?

Wrong! You could be making more money with a lousy position in search engines than with a good one. And I’m willing to proof it with this money making idea.

First of all – how did you end up on my blog?

Think about it… Changes are that except you read this in a far future, you’ve found my site either through an article, or via my signature in a forum, or even from a comment on another blog post.

In all three possible events, you followed the link, because you would like to see some more of what I wrote.

Yeah, I know. It could also be because you thought “What a jerk! How can somebody possibly be THAT foolish? I wonder what else she has put on her blog. More rubbish?”

I admit, that’s very likely, too.

But at any rates, it was something I wrote that sent you here. Not searching for “money making ideas“, unless you’re more patient than the everage Dr Joe. Right now, I hold a proud 439 position on those keywords.

Second – I’ll tell you about my husband

And my dogs, and my cats, and children. Nah, not really, but my husband is doing business online, too. He has this site, an info-domain, from where he sell a book. That’s all that happens on that site. And he’s sold a lot of books. The name of the site doesn’t really contain any keywords that are searched for. I wonder if he’s ranked in Google at all. But he sells a lot of books never the less. (A lot = more than 100 so far, printed books.)

How does he do that?

Well, he has another page with lots of articles and information. People read him, they like what they read, and when he recommends the book, they go there, look, and purchase.

But even more customers come from two other sources. You see, my husband does both normal podcasts and video podcasts, and people come to trust him, and then they go and buy from him.

No need for search-engine intervention here. That could even harm him. Why?

Because people who visit his site, go there, because of something he either says or write. They already know that they have to buy something from that site. They are not freebee seekers, or just random surfers. They are laser-focused targeted audience.

So who needs Google?

You need Google, if you write about a lot of subjects, or you write rubbish, and/or mini-sites. Mini-sites are normally fast to throw online, with a bit of text, rewritten from articles and other sites, and their sole purpose is to get people to visit them, and then leave them through either an affiliate link or an ad.

End purpose.

Those sites need Google to feed them with visitors.

All the rest, well, they don’t need search engines. They just need you to tell people about them in the best way (or ways), you can do it.

2 thoughts on “Screw Google!”

  1. Very thought-provoking indeed. 🙂

    I must say that I really like your straight-forward speaking on the subject, and I fully agree. When your content is fine relying on Google alone would be silly. I love when I convert readers/visitors into regular RSS-readers since I know they thereby have shown that they like what I write. They shouldn’t always agree, because I also want comments.

    Keep up the good work of posting. Nice challenge to fill up your blog with useful articles.

  2. By the way, in going back I just noticed the “Reading time 3-4 minutes”, and began wondering if that would also be true for men reading your article… 🙂

    That picture is really good, so congrats on finding an excellent illustration.

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