Unstoppable Affiliate Review by Andrew Hansen and Josh Stanton – Part Two

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Josh Stanton Andrew HansenI’m continuing my review of Unstoppable Affiliate. Today, I went through the ten videos in the section named Site Strategies. If you’re looking to buy Unstoppable Affiliate, don’t take the first link. You can actually try it out for $1, if you use the link at the bottom.

But first… Ahem… I have a confession. Two confessions, in fact. I’ve been very naughty, because I still haven’t done my homework for the first section. I was supposed to choose a niche and find at least three keywords, but I’m still lingering. I want to know more, before I pick something. Second, I’m sorry. I forgot to mention that Andrew Hansen didn’t work alone on this project. He created it together with Josh Stanton, who – by the way – does a brilliant job with the videos, he’s created.

Oups! Third confession – you can call it a bonus confession: I forgot to mention the price. It’s $97, and it’s worth it so far, I will say. You can try it out for $1 – look further down.

Back to business. As I said, this section contains 10 videos and thus 10 transcripts about Site Strategies. I will compare them to the promises made on the sales page and tell you what I think about them.

Unstoppable Minisites

On the sales page, you’ll find this section under the subtitle Unstoppable Minisites.

The only two WordPress themes you should use. Ones that come with perfect affiliate layout & perfect optimization for the search engines.

Oh, yes, check to this one. The two WordPress themes they talk about consists of one free theme (that I’ve never heard about, but it’s so great), and a paid theme. I use Profits Theme on this and other blogs, but for affiliate products it’s not optimal. I shall have to use the two Josh and Andrew recommends.

Why you only need these 3 wordpress plugins and no others if you want a smooth, secure & profitable mini site.

This is really great advice. I never use too many plugins, because I know it can slow down a site, but I hadn’t realized that it can actually distract the reader and move him away from your goal: to make him click on your affiliate link.

The mini site model that will help you get high speed search rankings even if this is the first real site you’ve ever made.

This is dealt with in the videos, and I was shocked to learn that it could actually hurt my rankings for about a year, if I do too much link building to start with, unless I use another little trick, they tell about. I must say that I had a few AHA-moments, going through this stuff. I mean… They all tell you to do back linking and stuff that I didn’t use to do, and earlier my sites would rank quite well from the start, because I naturally used the correct way to build them. Now I know why these things changed.

Exactly how a “new age” mini site should look – that is, if you want it to avoid search engine penalties and convert your visitors to buyers like crazy.

We see a real site that the two gentlemen are building, and Josh explains in details why each part is done like it is.

The one kind of domain you can build your site on to put you 10 steps closer to profit before you even start (no, not an exact match domain either)

Actually, I’m glad I chose to do this review of Unstoppable Affiliate, because it forces me to revise what I’ve learnt. And I can assure you: You learn A LOT! You can compare it to taking a real education. You have some stuff to learn. You must take notes. And you must try out the stuff, you’ve learnt. And if you’re in anyway like me, you’ll be looking forward to testing all this as soon as possible 🙂

Check to this one, too, and what they explain really makes sense. Maybe I should have known this stuff already, but I didn’t.

The one strategy that no one talks about, but that can allow you to double your profits overnight without getting any extra traffic (It starts with an A)

Argh! No, “argh” is not the answer. Argh is what I’m screaming out now, because I vaguely remember something important that I not really was aware of for some reason or another. I shall have to read through the PDF-files to find this A-thing. Then I’ll come back to revise and either Check or Uncheck.

How to create affiliate content that turns 1 in 3 of your visitors into buyers. (That’s not “affiliate reviews” either – I’m talking high level stuff)

Hm, did they speak about this? Or maybe it’s from some of the other areas? Again I’m guilty of not knowing exactly the answer here. Ooh, I might have an excuse. I’m going to school at the moment. Five hours of Hebrew daily, plus homework, and it’s all very strange and unknown to me, so my head might have exploded before I reached this part.


Ah, it sounded like a wise explanation to me 😉

6 things you must do on every page of your affiliate site to skyrocket the number of clicks on your affiliate links get.

Yes, they are here. Ha! I told you, I would remember something 😀

5 things your mini site must have in order to be considered an Authority site (and be sent hordes of visitors) by Google.

That too. And I shall have to make check lists in the future to make sure that I get those 6 things mentioned above and those 5 things mentioned here.

The one simple thing to include in your affliate content to make your readers trust you & buy the product you recommend.

That’s so easy that it sounds incredible. I have to try this one out before I believe it.

Do I Like Unstoppable Affiliate Or Not?

It’s good to know that Josh Stanton and Andrew Hansen deliver what they promise, but most product does, I think. They certainly have to, since they are offering a double your money back guarantee that makes it easy to take the decision on buying.

However… Maybe you’re wondering if I like this product, or I’m only trying to make you buy it, so I’m not the only one having it?

Well, to answer this question: Yes, I like it. A lot! I will NOT recommend you to buy it, before I know that it really makes me money, because if it can make me money, it can make you money. I’m not special in any way.

So you should only buy now, if you trust my judgement, and not are worried if you get disappointed, since you can get your money back twice, if you do.

Personally, I bought immediately after visiting the sales page. I chose the $1 trial, thinking that it’s easy to unsubscribe, if the product wasn’t any good. I payed with PayPal, so it’s very easy to go in there and stop a payment. I couldn’t dream about it, after I’ve seen what’s in this product. It’s like getting a university education about affiliate marketing. I’ve NEVER seen anything this good before. That’s for sure.

Confession #4: I haven’t done my homework for this lesson yet, either 😉

Try Unstoppable Affiliate For Just $1

You can do what I did: Try Unstoppable Affiliate for just $1 by clicking here:

CLICK HERE to buy Unstoppable Affiliate – Try It Out For 1 Dollar




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