What Making Gold in World of Warcraft Taught Me About Making Money In Real Life

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In case you don’t already know it, World of Warcraft is an online video game played world wide, and you interact with other players as well as the artificial players, called Non-Playing Characters (NPC).

This makes World of Warcraft (or WoW amongst friends) to a miniature virtual world that has lots of things in common with our real world, both when it comes to economics and socialising.

In this blog post, I will only deal with the financial site, and what you can learn from taking part in a smaller version of our world.

Funny thing is – people, who are smart at making gold in WoW, also tend to be smart at making money IRL (In Real Life). Wanna know how?

How To Make Gold in WoW

In short, you can make gold in WoW by doing quests and get the rewards, by killing mobs and selling their drops either to NPC vendors or through the in-game auction house (AH), or by mining, farming herbs, skinning, etc., according to your professions. (In WoW, you have the right to learn two major professions.)

Differences Between WoW Gold and Real Money

If you need gold in WoW, you can kill some mobs, and sell stuff like old boots to a vendor.

I really would like to see the face of your local convenience store-keeper, if you hand him over your old socks, and ask for 2 bottles of milk instead. Well, it won’t work. I haven’t tried, but I can almost guarantee it.

You don’t do quests IRL, killing drakes, saving princesses, but you do (or some do) go to work, and get your pay for saving the company and killing the competitors. Not literarily speaking, of course.

So Who Are Rich in WoW, and Who Are Not?

If you study somebody with lots of gold in WoW, with all the best mounts and gear, you will see somebody who is extremely focused on making gold, when it’s time to make gold. WoW is so much more than just acquiring wealth. It’s about having time to chat with friends, doing dungeons, having fun. But when it’s time to get some precious metal in the purse, these people have one thing in common:

They have Systems – and the Rinse and Repeat!

First of all, they keep focused. They specialize on one or a few things. And then they follow through, until they are done with that thing for that day or week.

They may be testing a lot, but within their range. Then they find out what works for them on their server, and then they rinse and repeat, but always adjusting, because when it comes to real people, nothing is ever certain.

Now, Who Are Rich IRL, and Who Are Not?

Easy! The people who are focused, and who have systems, and who rinse and repeat… yeah, you got it!

That’s the whole secret behind making money online. Focus, have systems, rinse & repeat.

2 thoughts on “What Making Gold in World of Warcraft Taught Me About Making Money In Real Life”

  1. Seems like very good advice, and I fully agree. Taking action without procrastinating is key to success.

    But you CAN do all the right things, and still people aren’t buying. Regardless of all the good arguments you offer them for jumping on board. But there’s always room for improvement, as I admit. And that could always be used as an argument for saying it isn’t done well enough, because then people would buy.

    I know they should, but many chose not to – even though they could earn lots from doing so…

    I won’t thank you for anything since it usually triggers that nasty little system of yours, but you know I am grateful, as always. 🙂

  2. Well, you triggered it anyway 😉

    If you do all the right things, people will buy. Or at least around 2% will. Because of course non-action takers will not buy. People, who are always “sceptic”, will not buy. Skinflints will not buy, but spend hours searching for the product on warez sites. But overall – if you do all the right things, people will buy.

    If you don’t get any sales, you’re doing something wrong.

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