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Unstoppable affiliate

UPDATE: Hold on to your credit card for now. I’m sorry to say it, but Andrew Hansen is unreachable at the moment. One of my readers bought Unstoppable Affiliate and didn’t get a login. Andrew Hansen’s support site is down (key expired), and he doesn’t reply emails (several to different addresses), Tweets, PMs or anything. I have no idea what’s going on. This is not how I used to know Andrew Hansen.

In this first part of my review of “Unstoppable Affiliate“, I will be looking at the first of the four parts, this product consists of.

Part One of “Unstoppable Affiliate” by Andrew Hansen is about Research, and let’s start out by looking at the sales page and compare with what he’s actually delivering. Does Andrew Hansen give you what he’s promised to give you, and what exactly are you getting (video? pdf?).

Note that I’ll bring a link further down to a back door, where you can try out the “Unstoppable Affiliate” for only $1.

When you purchase “Unstoppable Affiliate“, you get access to a great number of videos, all transcribed, and you can download the PDF files for each video.

I recommend that you watch the videos first, even though you prefer to read, such as I do, because watching them on video has two mayor advantages:

  • You can easily take notes while you watch.
  • It’s easier to understand the steps, you need to take to utilize this money-making system.

However, the pdf-files makes it easy to look-up things later, if you want to review a part of the course, or you just forgot exactly how to do a specific step.

The first part of Unstoppable Affiliate is called Research, and you get 11 videos. Some are only a couple of minutes long, most of them are longer, from memory, around 15 minutes long.

Sales Page Promises About “Unstoppable Affiliate”

There’s a lot of income claims on the sales page, like $300-$3000 a month passive income etc. In this early phase it’s impossible to tell whether or not it is possible to make that kind of figures after having implementet the Unstoppable Affiliate system.

I’ll get back to those later.

On his sales page, a little more than half way down, Andrew Hansen talk about the first part under the name of Unstoppable Niches, and let’s break it down into smaller parts.

Unstoppable Affiliate will teach you how to find hot affiliate offers outside of Clickbank, outside of Amazon, and outside of most of the places you’ve probably looked before.

And that’s certainly what he does. If you’re tired of just being told to go to Clickbank and find some high gravity affiliate program (which could mean, in fact, that every affiliate there buys through his own link), then you’ll be happy to get other ideas here. Andrew Hansen mentions products I’ve never even heard of before with a huge potential for making a lot of money from a mini-site.

But he doesn’t only feed me the fish. He also teaches me how to fish, so that I can come up with more great products myself. This part of the product really surprised me. You’ll learn some very creative ways to dig up affiliate products with extreme high money-making potentials.

It could form a problem that Andrew Hansen teaches this method in his videos, because if everybody start to use it, competition will be much harder. My advice is to get started as soon as possible, and to use the method daily. You can also use all the other methods, he’s mentioning. After all, there are millions (at least) products to recommend.

In this section you’ll learn a technique to uncover affiliate offers that thousands of people are buying but not a single affiliate is promoting yet. (We’ve made thousands of dollars with this).

Yes, this is awesome. You’ll learn how you can find those products using one single, but important word, when you search for affiliate opportunities. (Video 4)

No idea where to even start with niche research? Use this technique with no keyword, no niche in mind and it spits you out profitable opportunities on a silver platter.

Right again. Video 2 and 3 gives you this method. You can do it with free products alone.

The “Global Domination” Technique: How to make big profits with little competition by promoting offers from countries you don’t even live in.

Coming from Denmark, this could work fine for me, but even if you only speak English, you can promote offers in other English speaking countries. There’s some things you need to do to make it work, and you’ll learn it all in erm… one of the first videos. I wish I’d written down which it was 😀

How to spy-grab affiliate hot offers from other affiliates who are ALREADY making money with them. Want to be guaranteed profit? This is how.

Here Andrew uses a combination of search and knowledge about what to look for in his competitor’s sites. It’s pretty easy to do, in fact, when you have the ingredients.

How to conduct a profitability analysis before entering a niche. Most people just jump in and that’s a mistake. This is what smart affiliates do instead.

Stick to one system. At least have a system. I’ve failed a lot with this one, since I’m an action taker. I see a nice product I love myself, and I buy a home site and put a lot of work into writing posts and articles, only to find out that either there’s not enough search volume, or the competition is too steep. From now on, I’ll use this system to guide me.

The 3 types of keywords that will make you money (and how to find them within minutes).

You might have heard about buyer’s keywords? Andrew Hansen walks you through the kind of keywords that will bring you a high conversion rate, and those who will perform poorly (I was happy to see that “keyword scam” was among the latter – I always felt that keyword sucked!).

I’ll introduce you to affiliate networks you’ve never even heard of before and expose you to the profits that most affiliates leave lying on the table.

So far, I’ve learnt about one new place that I hadn’t heard about before. You might know about them all. I still think there’s so much value in the first part alone that it’s worth the price of the product.

Our simple tricks for making sure you NEVER get caught in a market where it’s too competitive for you to rank & profit.

These simple tricks are spread out over several videos, but you get a resume of what you’ve learnt in the end of each video. I find that the explanations given are very clear and easy to understand.

Techniques that I GUARANTEE you’ve never seen before, for finding untapped affiliate opportunities. Not “scroll through Clickbank to find high gravity” type garbage. I mean high level “super affiliate” stuff.

I’ve already dealt with this claim, and yes, he delivers on his promise.

As you can see, you also get a “proven niche” report. So far, I haven’t looked at it yet, probably because I prefer to find my own niches, but if you’re fast, you can probably go ahead and use one of them directly.

One thing is not mentioned on the sales page, and I enjoyed this tip very much. You get a checklist to use to evaluate an affiliate product. You don’t need to check all the points, but the more you can check, the better the product will probably perform for you.

You might be able to spot that so far I’m convinced of the value of Unstoppable Affiliate. You can try it out through this link at the moment for only $1: Get Unstoppable Affiliate here. Remember to tell me about it (use Contact above) and get a bonus, my eBook “How To Write 8 Articles In 2 Hours Or Less” for free. (It’s available at Seferim.com/8articles for $9.95, and it has great reviews.)

Do you have questions about my review of Unstoppable Affilate? Don’t hesitate to ask in the comments below. I’ll answer your questions honestly.

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