Unstoppable Affiliate by Andrew Hansen – Intro

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This is just a short note to let you know that I’m working my way through Andrew Hansen‘s latest product called “Unstoppable Affiliate“.

Unstoppable Affiliate” consists of both videos and transcripts in PDF files. I started out by downloading the PDF files and read the first three of them. They were pretty informative, and I was quite happy with the product.

It’s only today that I discover that I’ve only seen and downloaded files for one of the four parts, the course is made up by. LOL, and I was happy with it 🙂 There are actually four times as much content, and some of the head lines really made me excited. There were stuff about how to presell the right way, and why article marketing isn’t dead.

It might take me some time to go through this product. There are more than 50 videos, and I’m at school 5 hours per day, learning Hebrew at the moment. When I get back, I have homeworks for about an hour or so..

Anyway, I bought this product for several reasons:

  • I highly admire Andrew Hansen, and I just love the products I already have from him.
  • I needed to learn more about affiliate marketing besides selling to your list.
  • The sales page convinced me… Double your money back guarantee? Can you get better?

Since there are four parts, I’ll do a review of each part and tell you about my results as I go along. This is just meant as an appetizer for you.

If you – like me – trust Andrew Hansen and don’t want to wait for my review, you can purchase from this link and get Unstoppable Affiliate immediately.

You’ll probably want to write articles somewhere along the road to affiliate money. Why not make it easy for yourself and learn how to write 8 articles in 2 hours or less? Let me know you bought from my link, and I’ll send you my eBook “How To Write 8 Articles In 2 Hours Or Less” as a bonus. You can see it on http://Seferim.com/8articles – Use Contact on top of the page to contact me 😀

UPDATE: I just found out that you can try out Unstoppable Affiliate for $1. You can still pay with PayPal or credit card as you please.

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