Get this $47 E-book, Learn Medicin, and Start Operating Tomorrow

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Does this sound crazy to you?

For $47, you can get and read this e-book, and you'll be operating your first patient tomorrow.

Yeah, right! Nobody would believe that. Not even if the book were called “Operating System for Dummies”.

And yet, when it comes to another study, people think they can buy a cheap e-book, and within hours make thousands of dollars. And if (when!) they don't, they get the next fix e-book, or video course, and the next, and the next.

Haven't we all done that from time to time?

I know I have. Not long ago, I bought a great e-book about affiliate marketing. Then I joined the Wealthy Affiliate University – and yet, I'm still considering buying a product from PotPieGirl, since I can see the great stuff, she's giving away at WA. But I've learned my lesson years ago. Money doesn't come overnight. It takes a while. Sometimes only a week. Other times, it takes months. The keyword here is to be persistant. Look here, what people have to tell about their money making experience, and how long it took them to finally break through, and how they did it:

I got all this info directly from Carson, one of the two founders of WA:


How long does success take?

Carson here from WA!

Well, for me, it took a couple of months. Only natural that it took some time. You have to learn before you do. You cannot become build a house before you know how to use a hammer! You cannot create success as a marketer, before you learn a few of the fundamentals.

Let's analyze some of the success stories that have taken place at WA.

**The infamous Cwclem34's “My One-Year Wealthy Affiliate Story”. (log-in to WA first)

Chad was able to generate $2,500 per day after being a member at WA for one year.

How did he do it? He created success on a small scale, figured out his formula for success, then built up a campaign based on what he knew worked.

This is a typical way people achieve large success online or offline. Think about any very successful franchise that “scaled” up. Subway started with ONE single restaurant, figured out what worked, what people liked, and how to refine their business to be the most profitable as possible. Once they had one successful store (the formula), they duplicated what they had and started introducing new stores.

The same works for IM. You create one successful ad group, landing page, article, etc…then you duplicate and continue building up based on what work!

**Then there was PotPieGirl, whom in two years went from earning nothing to earning over $100,000 in just one of her Clickbank accounts in 9 months! AND, this was using all free marketing techniques. (log-in to WA first)

Jennifer (PotPieGirl) took what she knew worked, and built upon this as well. Her formula involved Article Marketing, using directories like Squidoo, Ezinearticles, amongst a few others. This goes to show how profitable a “free marketing campaign” can really be and she is not alone in her Article Marketing earnings!

**And then there is Marcus. Marcus went from a struggling IM business to earning 5-figures every month within just a couple of short years. He worked very hard to achieve this success, but now that he has done it once, he knows how to do it twice. (log-in to WA first)

Relevance was key to Marcus' success. He excels in understanding different audiences and delivers quality and relevant content to them by targeted pages. Again, he found out his formula and was able to build upon it (and is still building on it).

And there are 1000's of more success stories like this within WA…

See ONE thing in common here? Everyone developed “their” formula and then built off of this.

BUT, nobody had the exact same formula for success. And that is what is exciting about Internet marketing. There are so many ways to achieve success, that no one story will every be EXACT. My story differs from Kyle's story…and our stories differ from other very successful Internet marketers.

What YOU need to do is figure out your own formula. Take what is taught to you at WA, apply it, find out what works and what doesn't for you, build upon that, find success, refine that success, and continue building upon it.

There are no set rules that lead to success. People spend billions every year online. Internet marketers make billions online every year. You can earn your fair share of this if you work towards your formula and then build upon it!

Success is just around the corner. It may take you ONE month, or ONE year…however, what I can tell you that is if you continue to work at this persistently, YOU WILL SUCCEED!

You can check out all the success stories at WA within the General Success Forum:

Obs! If you want to join WA, go ahead and click here: Wealthy Affiliate University

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