Top 10 Ways to Make Money Writing

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There are many ways to make money on-line. Creative writing may be just for you. Your writing skills are your journey to success.

Beginners to Freelance writing

After locating a creditable company to begin your writing, be prepared to send a sample of your writing skills.  Writing articles are not difficult, but may require time to research and create your article.  Gathering your thoughts and putting your words together is somewhat like creating art. Once you have completed your article review and make necessary changes.

Website writing

The web has become very popular for writers. One website allows readers to sell or purchase items posted. A job site is available for those wanting easy ways to make money in writing or editing. Check your websites before researching.

Virtual Author’s Assistant

These assistants work with authors that no one has any ideas of their existence. They are the so called “Ghost Writers”.  They work behind the scenes creating articles, organizing and creating different projects for authors. Some make phone calls, send out emails, proofread and conduct research.  The authors will pay for each article submitted.


Completing surveys for clients is one of the easiest ways to make money. Questionnaires are prepared and ready for someone to complete. Alert yourself to the site, as you should never pay a fee for completing a questionnaire. It is also advisable to check with BBB to make sure the company is legitimate. These sites are not money makers, but you can earn depending upon the time you invest.


Do you know how to teach someone to use the computer? Can you walk an individual through a program? Many are interested in learning how to make a website, personal blog or other skills on the computer. Set yourself up with an advertisement on-line to draw these people to your site. Create your resume and how much you charge.

Resume Creator

Create a website advertising your professional resume service. Many people do not understand how to put a resume together. Construct your service so individuals will be able to inform you of their qualifications. An individual will pay for a well written resume.

Writing Essays

This type of writing could be about traveling, web content, dog training and the list goes on. Making money in writing online is very broad. You enjoy writing this type of on-line material and receiving pay.

Medical Writers

A medical writer will work directly with doctors or others in the medical profession. Subject matter will include creating documents to effectively describe research results. A resume may be required.

Magazine Articles

Various magazines will accept stories or how-to-projects articles paying a certain amount, which is generally noted in the magazine. There is no fee to write and submit a story or article.

Free Writing Contests

If you are a serious writer you may want to enter your short story or book in a free contest. There are various prizes from free T-shirts to money. This would not be an easy way to make money, but would possibly be fun and profitable as a “prize-winning author”.

2 thoughts on “Top 10 Ways to Make Money Writing”

  1. Great post. I often say that to make more money, freelancers have three basic options:
    * write more for the same clients
    * write more of the same type of thing (e.g. service articles, SEO work, etc)
    * write more about the same thing (writing about the same thing but for different markets).

  2. Resume Creation is great Idea! I have been in this business since 4 years and I found this discipline very unique and great earnings to support my family! It’s not so much difficult to write Resume for others, all you need a knowledge and bit creative skills.

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