I Need Your Point Of View: Which Kind Of Review Do You Purchase From?

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One great way to sell affiliate products is by doing a review of a product you liked and then have people click and buy through your affiliate link.

However, opinions differ on how to write this review.

I’ve seen experienced affiliate marketers recommend that you don’t write anything negative about a product, since you’ll get fewer purchases by doing it, they say, whereas others claim the direct opposite as being true.

How do you react, when you read a review about a product? Do you prefer those who tell you both the good, bad and ugly about a product? Or do you want to buy products that has only advantages?

Or do “this is all great” reviews turn you off as being deceitful? Or again, does it depend on who wrote the review?

Please tell me your answer in the comments. It will be really helpful for a lot of affiliate marketers, perhaps even included yourself.

8 thoughts on “I Need Your Point Of View: Which Kind Of Review Do You Purchase From?”

  1. Hey Britt,

    Aiden here. Usually, if the product is a really good one, and it’s only having minor negativity factors, I won’t bother extracting the “ugly” side of it…

    However, if the product is not that good, I’d just extract more on the positive side of the product, and also get a bit of the negative side of the product posted, but again, I’ll emphasize a lot more on the good side of the product…

    That’s my personal preference though… 🙂

    Aiden Chong

    1. Hi Aiden and thanks for your input.

      This is how you do – but what kind of reviews do you prefer to purchase from yourself?

  2. Hello Britt,
    I love the lengh and the structure of your post;)
    As far as I am concerned, if I do not know the product and I read some negative reviews , I will certainly not buy it.

    If I know the product and I agree with the negative reviews I will ” go deeper” and see if it is worth it to buy it.

  3. I think the truth is the key. If a product review is “too good” and only focuses on advantages then it seems fake. Let’s face it – most products have disadvantages or perhaps small things that could need improvement, so I think its better to get them out into the open or else it seems too good to be true. I prefer that the disadvantages are mentioned as it seems more honest. That goes for both writing and buying.

  4. I agree with Camilla … a well-written review that talks only about how great the product is might convince me to buy it, and if the same well-written review also added something about a
    minor problem I would probably be even more convinced!

    By well-written review I mean coming across as written by someone who has real knowledge about the product, enough knowledge to make it possible to detect a minor problem.


  5. Hi Britt,

    I guess I agree with Fran and Camilla. Personally, I’ve learned to look for a balanced kind of review. It can be extremely positive, but if the wording avoids the “multiple exclamation marks”, then I tend to believe the review and might well buy.


  6. Hi all of you 🙂

    Thank you so much for your comments. I think it’s awesome what we can learn from those. I love them!

    Keep them coming 🙂

    I guess there’s no right or wrong answer to this one, because it’s individual what people prefer. I’m with the truth team. I prefer an honest review of a product where I learn about the flaws. Then I can make up my own mind when I know what is wrong with it. Is it a minor problem to me? Then fine. If not, I will not buy, but if I’m not told about a problem, and it is there, and it’s important to me, I will ask for a refund. It’s really rare that I do, but it happens if the product doesn’t deliver on its promise.

  7. I absolutely agree with Aiden Chong. There are no perfect product and everybody understands that. Therefore, a good review should a drop of negativity and criticism

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