Improve Your Business In 59 Seconds

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No joke… It’s possible to improve your business, your life, your finansial situation and many other important things in only 59 seconds. You’ll get a step-by-step plan in this blog post.

At the moment, I’m reading “59 Seconds” by Professor Richard Wiseman. It’s an alternative self-help book that puts an end to many myths about how to use visualization, how to find the love of your life, and how to improve your finansial situation. I really like the book. In fact, it’s the second time in a two months that I read it. And everything he teaches can be learnt or done in 59 seconds.

One of the things I read today made me feel like sharing it with you. I know I’ll be using it in my own business.

You see, Richard Wiseman tells us about some research that has been done, where people had a specific goal, like losing weight, making money, or something else. It then looks at who succeeded, and who didn’t, and what their mindset was, and what exactly they did to obtain their goals. And it all came down to four steps.

Copy them, and you’ll succeed, too 🙂

1: Define your goal. This could be “make $500 before the end of the week”, or “lose a stone in ten days”, or “find my future spouse before the end of summer”. Since this blog is about money making ideas, let’s go with some money making. You goal could then be “to write an eBook and sell it this week”, or “to set up my first WSO”.

What ever you choose, write it down, or do even better. If you don’t know how to pick a goal that can make you money, read on, because the following will interest you.

What I will do is first to come up with a list of “Five Bucks Ideas”. If you haven’t already purchased “Five Bucks A Day Revisited“, you should get it right away. It’s only $5, but it’s worth a lot more.

If you need fast cash, you should get Darren Monroe’s Fast Cash Crisis. I have it, I love it, I’ve used it, and I got extra cash the same day. I’ll use it again! Darren recommends six methods to get fast cash. Pick one or two, no more at a time. But you can use them all six. This course got really great reviews, and it was even made WSO of the day and of the week. Get it before Monday July 11. It will be taken down as a WSO that day.

Anyway, both “Five Bucks A Day Revisited” and “Fast Cash Crisis” will get you going with goals that can make you money.

2: Create a step-by-step plan. Break your goal up into smaller steps, but no more than five. Define when you can be done with each step, and make each of them realistic, measurable and concrete.

Each time you finish a sub-goal, reward yourself in some way.

3: Define the benefits of achieving your goal. Don’t look at what would happen if you shouldn’t succeed. Only take the benefits of achieving your goal into consideration.

For each benefit, you could write about some possible significant barriers.

4: Tell the world about your goal. Write it on your blog. Tell your family about it. Tell your list about it. Go public with your goal, and you’re much more certain to succeed.

Obviously, it would be nice if you wrote about your goal as a comment on this blog. Feel free to do so, and post back, when you’ve achieved it. I would be happy to learn about your success.

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