How To Create The Best Blog Title That Speaks Directly To Both The Heart And The Head Of Your Reader

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3… 2… 1… Did you lose? Did your reader move away again from your blog, faster than the average driver hits the horn when the light turns green in Haifa? (I can assure you – that is REALLY fast!)

You need to grab your reader's attention, and you only got one change with your headline. So make it a good one.

Would you like to know which tools can help you create a great blog title that will increase your change of switching a skimmer into a reader? Of course, you would. After all, every little bit of help is appreciated, isn't it?

In this article, I'll tell you about the two main tools you can use to come up with the best possible headline. The good news is that both tools are free. The bad news is… Well, there aren't really any bad news.

Find The Best Keywords

If you have a regular group of readers, who visits your blog daily, you don't have to worry too much about keywords in your headline. Your blog title could be just anything you like, even without telling people what your blog post is about, just making them curious. However, in most cases you will do better by using keywords in your blog title.

Keywords are the words you assume that people will use when they search for the kind of information that you are delivering.

Changes are that even if you send readers to your blog by using RSS-feeds or sending them an email about updates, you will probably still enjoy some extra readers, who come from Google, Bing, Yahoo, or any of the other search engines out there.

And that is the purpose of keywords. If you use the right keywords in your headline, in the title tag, and a few times, sprinkled out over your blog post, you should be able to get indexed on those keywords, and people will find your blog post, when they are searching for information about those keywords.

To find out which keywords people are looking for in relation to your topic, you can use the free tool from Google. Just do a search for “Google AdWords keyword tool”, and you should be able to find it as the first result.

Write your topic in the search field, and let Google come up with all the related keywords. You'll be able to see how many monthly searches each keyword hold. Use “Exact” search for the most precise results.

Make Your Blog Title Emotional

When you've figured out which keywords you want to use it's time to get creative. Write a headline that you think will attract readers. And then test it here:

The Advanced Marketing Institute's headline analyzer will tell you just how emotional you've made your headline. And if you have a low score, you can tweak it, until you got it right. Use as few words as possible, but enough to make room for both intellectual as well as more emotional words. Sometimes a small word can make a huge impact. When I came up with the headline for this blog post, I started out with something like “how to come up with the best blog title that speaks to both the heart and the head of your reader”. I wasn't satisfied with the score, so I tweaked it a bit, and the word “directly” got the score up to 35.00%. The site tells me that a professional copywriter normally hits between 20-40%, so I'm okay with my score.

Play a bit around with the headline analyzer, and come up with the best blog title possible. You'll see that it's fun, and you'll improve your reading style.

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