AdWords Account Suspended – You Don’t Even Have To Do Something Wrong

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AdWords account suspendedToday, I received an email from Google, telling me that my AdWords account has been permanently suspended. My first thought was that it was some kind of phishing mail or spam. But when I logged into my account, I saw that it was real.


My crime? Well, probably using AdWords for a Danish site and a French site and that Google employees speak neither of those languages. I don’t know. That’s only a wild guess because I didn’t violate any of their landing page policies nor did I receive any warnings for “repeated” violation.

Did such a thing happen to you, too?

I know it has had to several people in Internet Marketing. And here’s some advice about what you can do, should it happen to you.

This Is What Andrew Hansen Did

Andrew Hansen had some of his sites hacked, and he didn’t notice, until Google sent him a mail, just like the one I received. You can read about the end of his fight with Google here.

So Andrew gave up. He’d written several mails to Google, but it didn’t really seem to matter. They are the kings, so you can either bow down before the king, or you can see if you can do without them.

I’ve never really used AdWords to get traffic to any of my sites. The reason why I used it here was that we received 100 euro free to use with them.

So I sat up two campaigns. One leading to a Danish landing page, teaching people how to make money online, using the same methods I’ve used myself. The other lead to a French landing page, giving people the possibility of joining a Hypnosis Club and obtain monthly hypnosis sound files.

“Repeated violation”?

My a… erm… behind!

I feel inspired to use the words of Rhett Butler: Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn. Or even the words of Steve Jobs: Fuck them!

Use Article Marketing

If you use pay per click to get traffic to your site, you’ll only get traffic as long as you pay. (Or as long as Google doesn’t suspend your account for some imaginary reason.)

When you submit articles to article directories, your links live on forever. If in ten years, somebody stumble upon your article, they still might click on your link and visit your site and buy your old eBook. There’s no way they could stumble upon your old AdWords campaigns. When they are gone, they are gone.

And you can say so much more in 400 words than you can with 20.


Don’t rely solely on articles. Do some SEO on your site, too. Make sure that your keywords is found in your URL, your title, your headlines, pictures, description, etc.

There are several tools that can make SEO easier for you. But even when you do it manually, it’s not that hard.

Is there a life after AdWords? There certainly is! What do you do? Are you using AdWords or alternatives? Let me know in the comments.

11 thoughts on “AdWords Account Suspended – You Don’t Even Have To Do Something Wrong”

  1. Yups, never have all your eggs in the same basket, especially when the basket is Google. Real dictatorship.

    I receive regularly offers to try adwords. To be honest, I never saw especially good results to that. Yes, there are results, but are they in proportion with the price you pay?

    And are Google ads really worth it?

    My impression is that Google’s adwords/adsense system is like their search: one possibility, far from the best, but the most known.

    I look forward to a competitor able to push them off the podium.

    1. So far Google AdWords is the only worldwide pay per click system that accepts Danish and French ads. For what it worth, since they seem to suspend accounts if they don’t understand the text on your landing pages. And it’s the most used, yes. There are lots of others that are cheaper, but e.g. Yahoo adverts (don’t remember the name right now) could be good, but only if you have English ads.

  2. I receive too regularly offers to try adwords.
    i us free url to submit articles. i submit free to google yahoo & bing. i got free tools that i submit to google worldwide.i will be happy to give you the link if you need it?

  3. I would go for article marketing, SEO and Twitter as optimization tools any day – and I am somewhat proud that I was right about AdWords. I have never subscribed to any of the ideas of paying for these campaigns as I have had exactly the same reasons all the way against AdWords and spending money before you earn it.

    Maybe I am part Scottish, actually. 🙂

  4. Google does not give a damn to anyone. As long as they run the show. They always think that they can lasts forever. But we can’t do anything now because they get bigger and bigger.

    1. Well, AltaVista and Yahoo were HUGE, when Google entered the scene, and who knows a search engine named AltaVista today? Microsoft laughed at Firefox, when it came out. They had 99% of the browser marked. I guess they don’t laugh any more. Things can change rapidly. What is popular today, may be totally out tomorrow.

      Personally, I think that after the Panda update you find a lot of garbage and repeated results on Google. Maybe people will try other search engines to actually get the results they want? And when people search elsewhere, they will also buy ads elsewhere.

  5. Hey Britt I read through your whole article & I wanted to explain a little bit about our Ad network an how its far more superior to Adwords & we don’t go banning people on our network without a legitimate reason.

    If its okay with you Britt I would like to go through the benefits of our Ad network.
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    Crimson Cash Ad Network follows every element of an Ad Campaign, from the Ad all the way to the landing page, to the placement, to the conversion & it follows all of that data. It gives credit when it happens & gives credit to element that lead up to that point. Imagine a CPV Lab or a Tracking 202. These tracking tools give you that information.
    This system takes that information & acts apon it just as you would do so yourself. Thats what these scoring algorithms are all about.
    At that point we do the math and find out which ad’s bring back the highest CPM rate to the publishers. That way both the Advertiser & Publisher are getting the maximum out of their campaigns.
    I know people are looking for a better alternative & I hope yous guys at moneymakingideas can see there are better options out there. if you google crimson cash ad network you can look further into it.
    Thanks for your time,

    1. Hi Pearce

      It sounds like a good programme – but limited to loans and credit cards. I don’t advertise for either. I want people to make money, not get in debt. And a lot of people reading this site, are not in the money-making business, but have niches in other areas. Will you make other kinds of ad networks later? Aiming at all kinds of topics?

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