That Does it! I’m Going to Write my Novel in a Month

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A short while ago, I dreamt the whole back site of a novel. You know, the place where you read about what you’ll find inside the book.

When I woke up right after this dream, I ran upstairs to write it all down, so I wouldn’t forget it.

But I already had another idea for a novel. Yeah, I have even started writing it, but got stuck. No writer’s block. Just… don’t know. Stopped writing, probably because of lack of confidence in myself and the project.

When I wrote to my proofreader and editor about my dream, he wrote back something that got me thinking (yes, that happens to me, too 😉 )

And I quote:

Do I dare to write it?

The answer is definitely a great big “YES!”

Creativity works best when you allow it to it to flow and, in most cases, is most productive when you’re working on several different projects at once.

If you stop the flow in any way, there is a tendency for all those different channels to dry up.

Go for it, Girl!!!!

So… as you can see, I really have no choice.

I’m all for the concept of taking inspired action, and today I read about a product that promises to teach me to write my novel in a month. I checked the Web to see if somebody had written a review, and it seems that some known authors recommend it (like Nick Daw).

So I went ahead and ordered the cd. (Why didn’t they give me a download link? They should know how impatient I am 😉 )

Anyway, that gives me the time to prepare myself to the fact that after this, I really have no excuse. I only need to spend 40 minutes a day, writing, and they have a strong guarantee: If I haven’t written and published my novel in 30 days, I can get my money back.

Of course, I’ll write a review here, when I’ve received and studied the material. You’ll know it, whether I liked it, or if I asked for a refund.

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