[Video] Get Inspiration and Money Making Ideas From These Webinar Highlights

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Some of the things you’ll learn from these webinar highlights, taken from a webinar made by the Bring the Fresh guys are:

  • How to find the keywords to a site that took 45 minutes to set up and which brings in around $500 per month on auto-pilot.
  • Several ways to monetize your sites.
  • A nice way to trick Google into showing you more keywords than they do at first search (28 minutes into the video – pay well attention to this tip).
  • One really easy tip to get back links.

I really liked that the presentator used the free Google Keyword tool, which is also the one I keep going back to, although I use Traffic Travis to check the SEO of my pages. In the video you’ll see how to he finds keywords, using the criteria – at least 1,000 local exact monthly searches. And he is number one on Google for the keywords now and has been for a long time.


You can sign up for a membership at Bring the Fresh here.

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